Big Break to Add NFL Legends
By mustang6560 on 7/16/13
As I was watching The Big Break last week, I thought to myself, "The current format is getting old. The Golf Channel needs to do something different like a celebrity edition because the reality show is dying a slow and painful death."

Lo and behold, the Golf Channel announced Big Break NFL yesterday.
Golf Channel teams up with the National Football League this fall for the 20th season of Big Break by featuring several of the NFL's all-time greats playing alongside aspiring professional golfers. Big Break NFL will premiere Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. ET and airs weekly on Tuesdays nights.

NFL legends competing on Big Break NFL include Hall-of-Famers Jerry Rice and Chris Doleman, along with Tim Brown, Marc Bulger, Al Del Greco and Mark Rypien. Filmed at Dorado Beach Resort in Puerto Rico, the series will feature each of the six NFL legends joining two Big Break competitors (one male and one female) to form three-person teams. On the line will be $50,000 to the winning NFL legend's designated charity, along with 2014 PGA Tour and LPGA tournament exemptions, cash and other prizes for the Big Break competitors.
As the all-time NFL leader in receptions, touchdown receptions, and yards, Jerry Rice may attract a few extra viewers, but I'm not sure about Chris Doleman, Tim Brown, Marc Bulger, Al Del Greco, and Mark Rypien. Like the last few seasons, I'll probably eagerly await the first episode, only to be left feeling disappointed after.

What do you think of the Big Break NFL concept?

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joe jones says:
As a concept it seems like a no brainer. Some of these guys are real sticks but playing under pressure brings out the "uglies" in even the best in the world. I never could get involved with some of the earlier shows but I will at least start to watch this one.
mjaber says:
I think the "celebrity" addition is a nice idea to bring in more viewers, but they shouldn't have limited it to the NFL. If I had the Golf Channel, I'd probably watch this version. However, if they were to add a couple MLB guys (John Smoltz, for one), some hockey guys (Isn't Grant Fuhr really good?) and some non-sports celebs (Alice Cooper would be one of my first picks), I think they'd get a much bigger boost.
slimpks1850 says:
I love the Big Break. The playoff over the last 2 episodes was great. If anything this kinda cheapens it but it'll still be interesting.
snkli says:
The celebrity shows are nice but the concept is too similar. You’re taking good athletes and moving them to the golf course.
mschad says:
+1 slimpks.
C-4 says:
Im sick of celebs....let just see some real peeps with real lives....reality tv makes me want to puke...sick of these rich a- holes and their made up drama BS. If you want to put somthing on me a middle class family living on a decent wage raising kids with real issues and concerns. Duck Commander is the only reality in reality TV
mmontisano says:
uh, yeah. i won't be watching this.
Matt McGee says:
I enjoy the show. Not so interested in the celebrity version.
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