29 on the front. 27 on the back. Easy 56
56 Is the New 59
By mustang6560 on 7/24/13
As oober birdieXris noted in his tip, "56 is the new 59".
For years and years, shooting a "59" has been incredibly special. It still is. But, it's nothing compared to what 25-year-old Jesse Massie did in a casual round in Louisville, Ky., on Friday.

After shooting a 67 in a morning round, Massie went 11 -- that's right, 11 -- shots better in the afternoon for a mind-boggling round of 16-under-par 56.

The round included one eagle, 14 birdies and even a penalty stroke for Massie, who plays primarily on the NGA Hooter Tour's Carolina Series.

The course was short by professional standards at 6,450 yards and par 72 from the back tees, but the score was still remarkable.
Unlike the time I heard about the 9-year-old who shot 58, I'm not going to bet I can break 70 from the front tees at my home course — as we all know how the bet ends.

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birdieXris says:
With a PENALTY stroke!!!
bobhooe says:
I have played GlenMary a dozen times, this feat is even more spectacular knowing the poor conditions of the greens, fairways, and sand traps.
Mandelbaum! says:
There's nothing like shooting 6-over and getting dusted by 22 strokes! It must have been quite a show.
jfurr says:
I shot a 56 last weekend.... on the back nine...
Matt F says:
jfurr, I know your pain. I almost did that on the front nine last Sunday.
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