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TV Ratings: The Open Championship vs. Wimbledon
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/24/13
ESPN holds the United States television rights to two of the world's three biggest sporting events each July: The Wimbledon Championships in tennis and the Open Championship in golf. (NBC Sports Network covers cycling's Tour de France, which was won for the second consecutive year by a Briton.)

2013 represents the second year of ESPN's ownership of Wimbledon coverage, following 40 years on NBC. TV By The Numbers reports that the Wimbledon men's championship between Andy Murray and Novak Djokivic drew an average 1.7 rating, with a 2.8 rating for the final half-hour of the telecast. That's an average of 1,894,000 homes and an estimated 2,456,000 viewers.

In comparison, how well did the Open Championship draw viewers? Smashingly.

The Nielsen Fast National rate for ESPN's Open coverage on Sunday was a cable record-tying 3.1, with an average of 3,776,000 viewers. This is separate from ESPN's digital platforms, which drew an average of 890,000 unique daily visitors. Last year, the Open on ESPN drew a 2.6 rating with 3,545,000 viewers.

Golf fanatics, we salute you.

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Image by Torleif Sorenson

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Matt McGee says:
It may have helped that the Open was one of the most competitive televised golf tournaments in a number of years. It was fun watching the pros play to the limits of their abilities instead of looking almost super-human, as they do in so many other tournaments.
dottomm says:
Definitely the best televised golf I'd ever witnessed!
joe jones says:
The U S Open and The British Open presented golf as a theatrical drama. The venues for each couldn't have been better and the contestants showed every possible scenario that a golf tournament should have. One could almost close ones eyes and just listen to the broadcast. Replace the names with any great that has played the game and the drama would be just as palpable.I have enjoyed watching great tennis matches in the past and few have equaled the Opens for providing a most deserving winner. Thats what sport is all about.
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