The scenery could prove to be a distraction...
Captain Watson? Yes. Inspector Watson? No.
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/30/13
In an arranged appearance to help promote next year's Ryder Cup Matches, U.S. captain Tom Watson and assistant captain Andy North visited Gleneagles Resort, primarily to look at the course and the overall player logistics. But while he was there, he decided to take a good-nartured try at previewing the hole locations:
"I said, 'you wouldn't mind getting me the pins for the Johnnie Walker Championship for the last five years, would you?' They said, 'yes, we would mind, so you're not getting them!' It was funny."
On a more serious note, Watson also spoke of the course conditions, albeit more than 13 months ahead of the event.
"The greens are in very good shape, but they've been pouring sand into the fairways — 5,000 tons and more on the way before the Ryder Cup. There are some very challenging holes on the course, but I feel there are a lot of holes that you can make birdies on."
Of course, now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag that Watson would like those hole locations, you just know that some enterprising soul — or some nerd within the PGA of America (or both) — will find a way to dig up that information. If nothing else, they can just go back to the video.

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Image via Gleneagles Resort

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