Keep Calm and Play Fast
By mustang6560 on 8/1/13
The USGA, the R&A, the PGA of America, and the Masters Tournament could learn a thing or two from the Ladies Golf Union.

The LGU, which hosts the Ricoh Women's British Open, isn't going to tolerate slow play at the fourth major championship of the year. In fact, Susan Simpson, the head of golf operations at the LGU, said they plan to aggressively penalize slow play.
"2007 was a bit of a watershed for us in slow play," she admitted. "After that we instigated policies in amateur golf, the use of strict times and clocks at points on the course. We don't have a problem with slow play in women's amateur golf now, I believe.

"This week is the only week we deal with the professionals and we've obviously got to deal with two other organising bodies too. But we have full support from the LPGA and the Ladies European Tour for our slow-play policies. The rules officials out there are under instruction to come down hard on any slow play. We've set four hours and 30 minutes and we think that's achievable."
I'm all for speeding up the pace of play for professional golf, but expecting players to play championship golf in 4:30 hours is almost too much. It'll be interesting to see if the LGU actually hands out a slow play penalty.

h/t Geoff Shackelford

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Image via Ricoh Women's British Open

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mjaber says:
4.5 sounds about right to me. For the most part, the amount of time the pro's take over a shot is absurd. There are always some oddities (weird lies, wayward drives, balls stolen by fans), but mostly it shouldn't take them as long as it does to pick a club and make their swing. I'm about to the point where I think the level of accuracy & detail their caddies have is too much, makes the club choice more difficult.
falcon50driver says:
Three of us played a casual 18 yesterday in exactly 3 hours. People will say "yeah but you job wasn't hinging on the outcome" Well, actually it was, I had to go to work when we
Backquak says:
4.5 sounds good, they are playing 2somes
mmontisano says:
i was watching a little bit of the tournament last night and it looks like they'll need to keep a close eye on Suzann Pettersen. she was painfully slow at picking clubs.
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