PGA Championship Still Off Time Warner Cable
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/8/13

As the 95th PGA Championship is underway at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, Time Warner Cable is still denying CBS to their subscribers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. This is the result of a financial snit between the two groups. Two reasons for the blackout in these areas exist:
  1. TWC and CBS are bickering over fees that cover the cost of transmitting CBS. The "Tiffany Network" wants more money from Time Warner, while the cable provider is balking because it would cost their customers higher fees and rates.

  2. CBS owns the local affiliates in those cities where the blackout is occurring.
In other cities, the local CBS affiliates are owned by companies and firms other than CBS itself. Also, Time Warner has cut off subscriber access to other cable outlets CBS owns, including Showtime, The Move Channel, and the Smithsonian Channel.

Just the other day, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt revealed that CBS rejected an alternative offer where they would make CBS and their co-owned cable channels available on an a la carte basis. For their part, CBS released a statement calling the plan "an empty gesture from a company that is expert at them."

Not only does this deny golf fans in America's three largest media markets (and other large metropolitan areas) the chance to watch the PGA Championship, but it also keeps NFL exhibition games off the air as well, with the NFL and college football ramping up for a September return. Should the dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS go that long, TWC faces the strong possibility of losing customers to satellite providers such as DirecTV.

Whether or not you are affected by the ongoing dispute, the PGA of America are providing limited streaming coverage on their web site at

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Image by Torleif Sorenson

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bkuehn1952 says:
I can't believe I am about to say this:

Fortunately we have Comcast, not Time Warner.
BlameMe says:
I'm in an affected area and during last weekends competition I watched it online at

No idea if it will be the same this weekend but its a start to those that might not be getting it on the TV.
mjaber says:
2 companies with way too much money fighting about how much they are/are not going to give each other, and the only people that suffer are the ones who live paycheck to paycheck.

This is why I've dropped to Comcast's "broadcast only" package. If they ever tried to pull this kind of crap, I'd be at the nearest Radio Shack before and have an antenna up before they could figure out how many "I'm sorry" letters they would have to print.
mmontisano says:
I hope guys aren't still paying your cable bill during this. They should at least give you free cable while this lasts.
Matt F says:
It's also on Dish network. We haven't had CBS since some time last week.
mjaber says:
Here is the solution, brought to you by "big brother":

FCC steps in, and tells them to get a deal done by the end of the week. If they cannot come to an agreement, they must both submit their latest offers to the FCC for review, and they will BOTH be fined double the difference between the 2 offers, daily, until an agreement is reached. The fines will be put into the general US government operating budget.
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