Jim Furyk Scolds Fans at Oak Hill
By mustang6560 on 8/12/13

As Luke Kerr-Dineen notes, the fans who attended the PGA Championship at Oak Hill last week were some of the most obnoxious golf fans we've seen recently.

The idiots who claim to be golf fans were yelling everything from "Chewbacca" to "Baba booey" to "Mashed Potatoes".

Their behavior was so bad, it ruffled the usually unruffleable Jim Furyk in the final round yesterday. In a rare display of emotion, the 2003 U.S. Open champion shook his finger in disgust at the gallery after a lubed-up fan yelled right before impact on one of his tee shots down the stretch (Luke Kerr-Dineen posted a GIF here).

Ian Poulter expressed his frustration on Twitter about the fan behavior saying, "This baba boo shit & mash potato crap shouting wouldn't happen at Augusta, The Open, nor would it happen at Wimbledon. Tazer the thrushes."

It's one thing to yell after impact, but to try and time it so you yell the moment of impact, which can lead to premature yelling, is definitely inappropriate and needs to be nipped in the bud.

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Image via Flickr, Tour Pro Golf Clubs

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bducharm says:
EVERY PGA tournament needs to implement what Augusta National does - you yell, you leave!!! These people are idiots!!! It was really annoying to listen to this...
jasonfish11 says:
Give bonuses to players who walk into the croud hit the idiot with a driver and yell "mashed potatoes" as the guy is on the ground in agony. Also the PGA tour can implament a local rule stating that breaking a club in this fashion would be considered breaking the club during play so you can replace it.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Bob's right - you yell, you leave. Jason, I like your idea, but it seems sacrilegious to destroy a perfectly usable golf club. I propose that violators...

(1) Be water-boarded;
(2) then be force-fed a box of corn starch;
(3) then receive a personalized, 75-minute tirade from Gloria Allred.
Wes11point5 says:
It all started with "you da man" back in the 90's and here we are now with a bunch of morons in the gallery. Good thing the PGA is courting NASCAR fan to make sure we have more of this in the future.
larrynjr says:
Happy Gilmore!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bducharm says:
@Torlief - give me #1 and #2, but PLEASE, not Gloria Allred!!! I beg you!!! :-)
jasonfish11 says:
I disagree with the water boarding.

Greens keepers are being tasked with using less water, and this would be counter productive.
legitimatebeef says:
"Damn you people, go back to your shanties"
Trip says:
They should mute the tv broadcast for the 2 seconds after impact. Maybe if these idiots eventually realize the viewers won't hear them they will shut up. Also, the fans need to get involved. They should yell back at these idiots. Tell them shut up. Maybe if it gets out of control, security will get involved.

I yelled at some drunk idiot at the Barclays last season, and people started clapping.
cjgiant says:
I agree with just about all of the statements above, what is the point of the shouting, after all?

But for an interesting alternative, what if golf stopped being "quiet", and the fans were allowed to cheer throughout the round? Professional bowling switched like this a while back, I think - haha.

In one sense, a golfer can already be interrupted by a roar from the next green. Maybe a constant din would negate some of the less purposeful or accidental disturbances. I realize perhaps the biggest argument against this is that the crowd is very close to the players on the tees (and much larger than bowling fans), and there will always be idiots yelling "Noonan".
elindholm says:
Just throw 'em out. Easy solution.
Matt F says:
Go beef or is that Shooter?
DougE says:
Immediate removal for conduct unbecoming a true golf fan....or as we say in the rules, lack of etiquette.

On another note from above, Wes, I'll take a NASCAR fan any day. They know their sport and respect it. In case you haven't paid attention, NASCAR has become the second largest watched sport on TV behind NFL, and their fans come from all backgrounds, including elitist, country club members. Very very few of their fans are of the type in question here. NASCAR's business model is as good as it gets. The PGA only wishes they could have something similar. The sponsors shell out millions---$10-20 million actually---to be on the hood of a competitive car for a season. Now, if the PGA were courting the WWE fan, well, then I would agree with you.
Wes11point5 says:
Doug, the S in NASCAR is "stock", there is nothing stock about the rolling billboards on the track at such an event. I didn't mind that type of racing when the cars looked like something you could find on the showroom floor just souped up. I also don't like the fact that NASCAR caved and changed the title away from the "Winston" cup. NASCAR fans may be great and the business model may work really well but I think that golf has lost a great deal of decorum in the past few years. I miss the PGA the way it used to be. I liked it when a player got famous by grinding (Hogan) their way to the top, not because they have outlandish personalities (bubba) or wear horribly ugly clothes and a flat-brimmed hat (fowler).
slimpks1850 says:
^ ^ ^ don't feed the character. Call him by his name, Gerry.

Fowler's Sunday clown suit is ug-nuts.
metnorm says:
The nascar event on sunday was down the road a little bit. I was actually about an hour from the race and about half hour from oak hills from tues till sat night.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
The more I read about The more i agree with a lot of the comments. The only problem is the PGA WANTS this type of attention and fan. Hints the FOX piece. I don't mind the get in the hole only after the swing is completed, but the mashed potatoes and other stupid crap just gets on my nerves. Those people need to be made into an example.
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