Lee Westwood Meets His 'Delete' Key
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/13/13
On Sunday morning of the PGA Championship, Lee Westwood was tied for seventh place at -3 207, having shot 66-73-68 through three rounds. Unfortunately, he went out and shot 76 to finish T-33 at 283, three over par.

Predictably, the caterwauling and sniping from the peanut gallery began on Twitter:


The problem is that Westwood decided to fire back. He has since deleted the tweets in question, but the UK Daily Mail preserved them for posterity:

Good thing that Lee Westwood has a business manager to reel him back in when he says things that might make his corporate sponsors (who pay him money to wear their logos) rethink those deals:

To be fair, very few human beings enjoy being kicked when they're down.

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Images via Twitter, Daily Mail

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jasonfish11 says:
Its sad that he had to appologize for those comments. Its not like any of them are that offensive.

I hate political correctness bs
bducharm says:
Twitter is like gas on a fire - more people should just say NO!!!
Duke of Hazards says:
I agree w/ Jason. I like Westy, and think he's one of the more likable fellows on the tour. He'd probably had a few pints when he went firing stuff back on twitter, but restraint is part of the deal when you accept a bunch of money to drape yourself in corporate logos.
legitimatebeef says:
He had me then he lost me. Not the best form for a 40 yr old to be sniping at random sploosers on the internet, but I was more disappointed when he cowed to his sponsors. That is part of the deal I guess, but it makes it seem like they own him. I guess it's fair because it's public behavior. Sucks, I was enjoying the candor. In vino veritas and what have you. I guess from now on Lee's going to go back to trying to speak like the President of the World, just like every other high dollar athlete does.
slimpks1850 says:
lol - $ $ $

He'll do whatever the money tells him to do. Unless that money says - win a major.
jasonfish11 says:
"lol - $ $ $

He'll do whatever the money tells him to do."

I take it, you dropped your multi-million dollar endorsement deal when they asked you to do something you didn't quite like?
jpjeffery says:
Indeed, Jason. This isn't just cowtowing (sp?) to his sponsors, it'll be more like being reminded of his contractual obligations to his sponsors.

Although I suppose some people might think that's the same thing! :)
DougE says:
Lee Westwood can kick just about anyone's ass on the golf course, on any given day. The planets just haven't aligned for him yet at the majors. I understand his frustration and would love to see him break through more than I would just about anyone else on tour who hasn't won a major yet.

I think it's a shame that people with no golfing talent at all (compared to Lee's), can throw stones at a guy when he's down.
jcstoll says:
Maybe Westy should go pay a few more visits to Bob Rotella. Maybe sign up for golf anger management classes.
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