PGA Tour 86s Caddie Races
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/14/13

Part of the festivities and chaos of the Phoenix Open's (in)famous 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale's Stadium Course include the caddie races.

But now, the PGA Tour poo-bahs have decided to ban caddie races at Phoenix and Colonial. The public face of this fun-quashing isn't Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem — he decided to fob off that job to operations chief and EVP Andy Pazder:
"We have advised the folks at Colonial and out in Phoenix to discontinue the caddie races. It was a situation where we developed a little concern about caddies' safety. Running 150 yards puts caddies at risk for injury. I had caddies come to me in Phoenix and at Colonial saying, 'This is ridiculous, it's like we are a carnival show.'"
Um... yeah. Those last two sentences are completely separate concepts, Andy! The whole 16th hole is a carnival show! The 20,000-seat arena, the adult beverages, the cat-calls and caterwauling, the noise level of a Stanley Cup Playoff game...

Andy, exactly how long did it take you to figure out that the 16h hole wasn't meant to be Augusta National?!

Anyway, Brian Gay's caddie, Kip Henley, weighed in on Twitter:

So, here's my point: Golfers and golf enthusiasts tend to be a bit smarter than your average sports fan — so pipe in, oobers! What hilarious / ridiculous / (insert adjective here) sideshow would you like to see to replace caddie races at 16 in Phoenix?

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mjaber says:
A beer-pong tournament going on behind the green. Free drop if you put your tee shot into one of the cups.
bducharm says:
They ban the caddie races and let IDIOTS yell BABA BOOEY and MASHED POTATOES!!! Really???
mmontisano says:
PGA TOUR says NO FUN is allowed on a golf course. ridiculous. it's not mandatory. if you don't want to race, then don't race. at the Nelson, the fans place bets on who's going to win, and it's a great time for everyone.
brianmk24 says:
I didn't even realize they did it at Colonial. I thought it was just a Phoenix Open (yeah, I said it) thing which fits in with the rest of the atmosphere at the 16th.

+1 for bducharm..if it's after the swing, then it shouldn't affect the players, but just sounds stupid!
DougE says:
Evidently, the mob got to a few of the caddies and now there is speculation that a few select loopers have been bought. There is evidence that one took a fall at the Phoenix Open which ultimately resulted in some large payouts at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to a few questionable individuals, with connections to the NJ Sanitation Engineering Operators Union. The Casino Commission is investigating, but in the meantime this has put a black mark on the whole caddy racing program, while the entire wagering system has now been called into question, both in Phoenix and at the Colonial. The PGA feels it is in their best interest to cut ties with the program before mysterious disappearances begin to occur.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Of course, there was the second race-clock operator on the grassy knoll...
Kurt the Knife says:
get a shyte-hole like Vegas involved and of course things go to crap.
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