Ahmad Rashad Leaves Golf Channel
By mustang6560 on 8/20/13

If you're a fan of Morning Drive, the only golf-specific morning show on Golf Channel, then you've probably noticed the absence of Ahmad Rashad lately.

Turns out, the former NFL-star-turned-sportscaster signed a deal with Back9Network, the new online golf network.
"We are delighted to welcome Ahmad to Back9Network," said James L. Bosworth, CEO of Back9Network. "Ahmad's personal style, love of golf, and desire to grow the game aligns perfectly with the mission of Back9Network. In addition, Ahmad brings a unique dimension to our network's programming with his vision and relationships within both the golf lifestyle space and professional sports."

"Back9Network is a special opportunity that I simply could not pass up," said Rashad. "I'm excited for the many possibilities that lie ahead. Co-hosting Morning Drive was a great experience, and I would like to thank Molly Solomon and the Golf Channel for the past year."
According to The Big Lead, the beginning of the end for Ahmad started last month. The online publication reported that he and co-host Kelly Tilghman "didn't get along" and the "chemistry was so bad" the Golf Channel was forced to "move Rashad into another role". As it turns out, the new "role" was with a different company.

If you're truly a fan of Morning Drive, then you probably won't miss Ahmad Rashad. Other than being able to talk about his friendship with Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, he didn't add much to the golf conversation.

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chadv99 says:
DougE says:
Art Ciolkowski says:
slimpks1850 says:
morning drive is un-watchable. It made my eyes bleed it was so bad. I'm getting depressed even thinking of it.
joe jones says:
Morning drive has become boring. Too much chatter, inside jokes and not enough real golf content.Ahmad really didn't add much to the program except a big smile and a list of celebrity freinds that he could gossip about.No reason why he should be missed.
PingPlaya says:
Ahmad has contributed to a variety of sports shows successfully. With that being said, he was added to a mix of boring cast members that brought nothing to the Morning Drive themselves. A disagreement with Tilghman? I don't see that as a difficult task! Who are these people anyway? More Talking Heads! For all that Morning Drive should be, it's vastly underachieving.
jrbizzle says:
I personally like Morning Drive, but every since they have cut back on player interviews and/or appearances, it has gotten worse. Too many people - they should go back to the two person format with Holly (or someone else) as a "news/highlight" aside.

The big issue with them will always be - golf is played Thu-Sun. So Monday is usually a good show to recap the weekend. Tuesdays used to be good, because that was playe rinterview/appearance day. Wednesday is usually slow, Thursday and Friday can prep for the week's tourney. Under the new format, with fewer interviews, Tuesday and Wednesday are wasted shows, and now that they do coverage into the weekend, it's just not working.
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