New Uses For The Wanamaker Trophy
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/23/13

Major sports trophy and a doggy-bed with bling.

According to Brian Wacker of, hours after Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship, he was back home in Auburn, Alabama and celebrating with about 25 of his friends. When the group decided they wanted some late-night food, they went to a local Taco Bell...

...and filled up the Wanamaker Trophy (above) with the take-out food.

Sadly, Dufner and his friends were just a little too casual and failed to take a photograph of the incident, but at least Dufner took time to pose his new puppy in the trophy.

Still, it's not as funny as when the Stanley Cup ended up at the bottom of Mario Lemieux's swimming pool in 1991. Nobody took pictures of that episode, but at least when Lord Stanley returned to the Lemieux pool in 2009, one bright-enough person was armed with a camera:

Since water weighs eight pounds per gallon, four guys having to lift the water-logged trophy off the bottom of a swimming pool was a far more Herculean task than cleaning doggy drool out of the Wanamaker Trophy.

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srogers13 says:
How about the time the Stanley Cup ended up over a bridge into a river?
falcon50driver says:
Stanley,mmm Isn't that the company that makes screwdrivers?
PhoebeJason says:
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