Adam Scott Wins The Barclays
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/26/13

Adam Scott won the first round of the FedEx Cup Playoffs on Sunday; his bogey-free 66 captured The Barclays at the recently-tweaked Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City. That is the first breath.

The second is that a lot of drama occurred in getting there — but not so much for Scott. Tiger Woods suffered through back spasms all week, no thanks to an excessively soft hotel mattress. The video is not gruesome, but it is remarkable:

Whether Woods even plays this coming week at the Deutsche Bank Championship at TPC Boston is unclear, also:
"That's all hypothetical right now. I'm not feeling my best right now."
Woods finished tied for 2nd when his birdie attempt at the 18th finished just two inches short of the jar. His 274 tied him with Gary Woodland, whose own attempt at 18th hole heroics came up short, U.S. Open champion Justin Rose, and Canadian Graham DeLaet — who is something of an unknown quantity among casual golf fans, but might ultimately succeed Mike Weir as Canada's next big golf hero.

The current Open champion, Phil Mickelson, shot 65 on Sunday to make a surge, but pars at 16 and 17 and a frustrating bogey at 18 left him two shots behind Scott, who was alternately cooling his heels in the clubhouse, then later went to the range at Liberty National in anticipation of a playoff. Scott admitted surprise that his 11-under 273 held up:
"But I guess it's different playing an hour and a half in front of the leaders and the guys who have been under pressure all day. When the pressure is on you to close out, it's much harder and the holes become much harder and shots are far more crucial.

"I mean, I feel like I've been given a bit of a gift, but I'll take it, that's for sure."
On television, the talking heads were speculating about whether or not Tiger Woods (with five victories) or Adam Scott (one major plus the Barclays on Sunday) has had the better year. The problem with that argument is that three rounds of the FedEx Cup Playoffs remain.

But since we're fans, we can still talk about it. Pipe in, oobers: Who — at this point — is your choice for PGA Tour Player of the Year?

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mjaber says:
Unless Adam wins another playoff event, or Tiger wins out, I'd say Phil should be POY.
bducharm says:
Not that I am the biggest Tiger fan, however he has won 5 times and over $8M this year. The tournaments he has won are pretty prestigious (The Players, Arnie's, 2 WGC titles, and Torrey Pines). I'm sure he would trade a couple of those for 1 major however I still think Tiger is POY.
jasonfish11 says:
It would be really nice if there were some sort of year long race where you got points based on how well you do in tournaments. You could even weight the tournaments so that harder tournaments give more points.

If something like that were in place there would be no need to discuss who is POY.
Matt McGee says:
Tiger isn't as good this year as he has been in the past, but he's still dominated the PGA. Unless you rate the major tournament results far above the rest, I don't know how you'd give POY to anyone else.
joe jones says:
Still too soon to tell. Playoff results will have a lot to do with it. Six of one and a half a dozen of the other.
srogers13 says:
Jason, isn't that what they do with the points for the FedEx Cup?
mjaber says:
This all goes back to the question "how many 'regular' tournaments does it take to equal a major"? I don't know the answer to that question, but when you consider Phil's lack of success in his career playing outside the US, and the fact that he won back-to-back tournaments in Europe (including the Open), I think that trumps Tiger's 5 wins on courses he could probably play with his eyes closed. Scott & Phil each have 1 Major and 1 PGA Tour victory, but Phil's got the extra win in Europe, which may or may not factor into everyone's decision.
lcgolfer64 says:
Whether you like him or not - he still out-did 150 other's 5 times this year. And he almost made it 6 yesterday with what looked like some pretty serious back issues.
I had surgery on mine about 9 years ago, I can at least say that I know what 'back pain' was like for me - I couldn't play for almost two years. I'm just happy to able to play now.

TW should be POY.
lcgolfer64 says:
... And don't get me wrong, I'm not a TW-fanboy, it's just that we all play and know how hard it is to play, yet alone win consistently, and I'm light-years away of how good these guys are that don't even make the cut!

Adam has completely turned his game around from a few years back - I think he belongs in the POY mix for sure.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Hands down it has to be Tiger. JMHO
GBogey says:
So the trophies keep getting bigger and bigger and the winner is obligated to smile and hug/kiss it, but do you think they really care about the trophy, or is the smile about the check that comes with it?
Duke of Hazards says:
I'll have to go with Tiger. Yes, he didn't win a major, but he won 2 WGC events (Doral & Firestone) and the Players. All three of those are 'mini-major' type elite events involving the same fields as the majors. The other 2 victories he has were against fields at least as strong as the Phoenix and Scotland events that Phil won.

That being said, Joe pointed out that it's not over yet until the Playoffs are done. There are 3 more important events to be played.
jpjeffery says:
Maybe this is just me, but I get the impression that the non-major events barely cause a ripple. i.e. nobody really cares very much about them and they're just there to fill in the time between the majors.

If true, does this mean the majors are overrated or the other events underrated?
legitimatebeef says:
Yup still up for grabs. Woods is the clubhouse leader though. Besides wins he leads in a number of key statistical categories (scoring, all-around ranking, money list) and is pretty good in some others like SGP I think. Plus no MCs. He's the heavy favorite before every tournament starts. So in both a statistical and putative sense, this is the player of the year. Phil has had a magnificent year for him personally and his career but outside of those 2-3 highlight (if you include USO runner-up) weeks, he has been so-so. Quite a few dismal finishes too, hard to overlook those.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
I still like how tiger hits a bad shot, sees a bad shot and then falls to the ground. But when you have played 13 times and won 5. Pretty damn good.
jasonfish11 says:
Wait does no one else fake injury after a bad shot?

Sorry I watch a lot of soccer so anytime something bad happens on the golf course I roll around grabbing my shin.
Wes11point5 says:
Jason, I don't have to fake an injury because a bad shot is always this club's fault.
ToddRobb says:
If you take out that it happens to be TW, if ANYONE else won 5 out of 13 tournaments he played in this year they would clearly be POTY. TW is clearly POTY, majors or not. The tournaments that he won were some of the strongest fields that the tour has to offer on any given weekend, the Scottish Open that Phil won didn't even have the best that Europe has to offer. Five wins in one year should beat anything other than multiple majors.
falcon50driver says:
Adam or Phil, Probably Phil.
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