Another Green Jacket Up For Sale
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/27/13

Augusta National Golf Club's standard procedure for green jackets is that when a golfer wins the Masters Tournament, he is allowed to retain possession of his green jacket for one year, after which the jacket must be kept at Augusta National Golf Club. But some notable exceptions have occured, most recently with the jacket of Art Wall.

Now, and possibly for the last time ever, another champion's green jacket has been located and is up for auction — that of Horton Smith, who won both the original 1934 and the 1936 playing of what is now the Masters Tournament. The tournament began in 1934, when the legendary Bobby Jones insisted that the event be called the "Augusta National Invitational Tournament" before club co-founder Clifford Roberts forced a name change.

Green jackets were awarded to the winners beginning in 1949. The auction site picks up the story from there:
"As it turns out, Horton Smith's Green Jacket was with his family — just not the family we expected. When Horton Smith passed away in 1963, the bulk of his estate, including his Green Jacket, passed to his brother Ren Smith. When Ren passed away, Ren's 2nd wife inherited the jacket, which she later left to her two sons, who still own the Green Jacket today. Now, since the jacket has just been sitting in a closet for many years, the owners would prefer to sell the jacket and see it find a fitting home in a museum or with one of our collectors."
The auction is scheduled to end on September 7, so if you want in, move fast and scratch together a spare $66,000 or so.

Besides, who needs a house anyway?

h/t Dave Kindred

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jasonfish11 says:
Too bad its not my size otherwise I'd be all over it. lol
falcon50driver says:
I might be interested. What would be the best color slacks to wear with it?
jasonfish11 says:
When you have a green jacket you dont wear pants. Just walk around in your underwear.
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