Disabled Veteran Golfers Getting Help From Nicklaus
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/5/13

This is a beautiful picture.

In what could turn out to be the feel-good golf architecture story of the year, Jack Nicklaus's newest course design project with benefit our nation's disabled veterans, in conjunction with Friends of American Lake Veterans Golf Course.

As reported by the Yakima Herald, Jack Nicklaus and his golf architecture firm have agreed to design the second nine holes at American Lake. The golf legend was asked by a friend, retired PGA Tour player Ken Still, to get involved and design nine more holes, since demand has been increasingly heavy.
"I really didn't know what I was getting into at the time, but when I came out here and met the people, I knew I made the right decision. I didn't have the privilege to serve my country when I was younger, and to be a part of this is special."
Nicklaus and his design team are donating their services, following three years of fundraising.

Nicklaus told reporters that disabled veterans who play at American Lake that the course "helped save their lives" and give them confidence in life. He also said that the course at American Lake could be the start of a larger campaign around the nation. $2.5 million is still necessary for ADA-friendly design elements and equipment to maintain the course.

Contributions to this 501(C)(3) non-profit organization are accepted, including financial and corporate contributions, gifts of stock, endowments and institutional grants, and even contributions of equipment or assets.

H/T: Golf.com

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Image via News Tribune, Lui Kit Wong

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jasonfish11 says:
I use to do accounting for NFP organizations. This one seems to be pretty good (assuming they filled out their 990 correctly).

80% of revenue goes to program expenses (public relations for wounded veterans and maintenance for the course). None of their executives get paid, and there is very little over head expenses.

jasonfish11 says:
Also its surprising to see that they actually listed their executives as well as what they are paid. Most NFP companies "accidently" skip over that part of the 990.

*caugh* Susan G Komen *caugh*
Torleif Sorenson says:
Jason, 1000 points for taking care of the "due diligence" research - and for your joke!
jasonfish11 says:
Its really sad but there are TONS of scam charities out there. I hate seeing money go their way when many real charities (like this one) are strugiling to stay alive.

BTW this one had a net loss of $50k in 2011.

Generally speaking the more info omitted on the 990 the worse the charity. But since they are non-taxed anyways the IRS doesn't really care how a 990 is filled out, so many "charities" get away with this.
falcon50driver says:
A lot of people would be appalled at the salaries of the top people in "Charities"
I've heard that the Salvation Army is one of the best at getting donations to actual needs, with the least overhead.
BentPutter says:
I live very near here and have golfed a couple charity tourneys at this course. It's very nice for a nine hole course and well maintained for an all volunteer staff. Locally, this got very little press. It's nice to see you guys pick up the story.
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