Six-Day, Six-Continent Golf Blitz
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/5/13

Harry Scott had better hope that THIS doesn't happen to him during his trip.

Harry Scott is in the middle of a golf trip of a lifetime.

The 79-year-old Jersey Shore resident has embarked on a six-day, six-CONTINENT golf trip. It started on Monday at the end of a week-long vacation in Sydney, Australia, with a round at Bonville Golf Resort in New South Wales. The next day, he was to play at Glenmarie Golf Club in Malaysia, followed by Dreamland in Eqypt. Today, he was to play Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, England, with Tom Weiskopf's Ocean Club in the Bahamas on tomorrow's agenda. On Saturday, he'll conclude his epic journey with a round at Junko Golf Club outside Caracas. As he told Mike Kern of the Philadelphia Daily News...
"It's something to do. It's fun, I've got time on my hands, why not?"
Six out of the seven continents are in his sights. Why not Antarctica? Simple — no golf course exists there. He had thought of trying to arrange a flight there, just to hit some golf balls. "It wouldn't have been so bad if there was a way I could have figured out how to play and get out on the same day. Maybe just fool around on the ice, do something silly." Alas, Mr. Scott couldn't make the logistics work. Nevertheless, Mr. Scott must have one monumentally talented travel agent.

It sounds strange, but this is not the first time Scott has undertaken an epic golf journey; last year he played one course in each of the 50 U.S. states in 50 days. He started in Putnam, Connecticut on May 1 and ended on June 19 in Wasilla, Alaska.

What does Scott have planned after this around-the-world-in-108-holes journey? In 2014, he plays to play golf in 26 countries — one for each letter of the English alphabet.
"The only problem is there's no country that starts with 'X.' Except there's a province in Mongolia where the alternate spelling is Xanadu. And they do have a golf course.

"Only one country starts with a W, a little island in the South Pacific called Wallis. I think they only have a 9-hole course so I'm going to have to play that twice. And you can only get in there a couple of days a week...

"But I can't think about that yet. This is on my mind."
Mr. Scott, you are one lucky so-and-so...

H/T Eye on Golf

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Photo by Torleif Sorenson

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legitimatebeef says:
This is more about indulging a love of air travel than a love of golf. Because if you really love golf, let's face it it doesn't matter all *that* much where you get it. This guy is just trying to attach meaning to his golf with some elaborate stunts that have marginal at best significance. He is probably an annoying person to play with.
falcon50driver says:
Lot more sensible to play Dyker Beach over and over eh beef?
slimpks1850 says:
+1, Beef's statement is legit.
mjaber says:
I'd like to know how the paper found out about this little excursion of his. Did he contact the paper? Was it a friend of a friend of an acquaintance? If the paper reached out to him after hearing a rumor, then this is a pretty cool story. If he reached out to the paper, this guy is a d-bag "Hey look at me. Look how much money I have, and what I'm doing with it."
falcon50driver says:
The guy's 80 for goodness sakes, Most folks that have avoided dying that long have mellowed out and are pretty nice people. He's probably a war veteran, as most men that age now are. I don't begrudge him spending whatever money he has left at this point however he wants. At least he's spending it on golf, it's not like he's wasting it frivolously.
Beef, my offer to buy you dinner and golf is still good Sept 19-23, let me know. Pick a nice course in your area and bring a friend. It's all on me.
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