Bubba: Slow Play A Bigger Problem Than Anchored Putting
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/9/13

Bubba Watson has finally weighed in on anchored putting, saying that slow play is a bigger problem for golf than the use of "broomstick" putters. Watson was quoted by organizers of the Thailand Golf Championship, in which Watson will be beginning December 12. In his comments, Watson even poked at Jack Nicklaus, who has complained on many occasions that golf balls and excessive distance is the big problem these days.
"We are worried about putters and golf balls and all these things, but I think we should be more concerned about slow play and speeding the game up, not just for pros but for amateur golfers, as well. Nobody wants to play a game that takes five and a half hours to play. We want everybody to be able to play and go a lot faster."
And while the 2012 Masters champion has not won since capturing his green jacket,
"I am happy with my game. Obviously you want to produce better scores. You want to win," said Watson, who has had three top-10 finishes this season. I haven't won yet, but I'm playing well. I feel like I'm playing good."

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jasonfish11 says:
Of course its too slow for you and your ADD.

No but seriously isn't he right? I mean anchored putters were the smallest problem golf had.
falcon50driver says:
I don't see the supposed advantage with anchoring. If it really worked, everybody would be doing it. I look at it the same way as plumb bobbing.
jasonfish11 says:
As someone who anchored for a while. There are plenty of disadvantages. Which is why I switched back to conventional before the ban.
bducharm says:
He is absolutely correct! It takes players TOO long to pull the trigger. We actually have guys at our club who will not play in tournaments because it takes 5 hours + - and I agree with them.
mmontisano says:
I do believe that the golf ball flies too far, but not for amateurs. Make the pros play a shorter ball so they can start playing some of the classic courses again.
cph2133 says:
We routinely had members who wouldn't play in events simply because play was too slow.

Amateurs see pros taking 5 practice swings, looking at putts from 6 different angles, and they think that's how they're supposed to play.
OTownGolfer says:
I personally have a routine time as long as the average pro. I still finish 18 holes in 2.5 to 3 hours when playing alone. I don't think that's the problem. The problem is simply too much chatting. When I play with other people, they talk too much, and playing time is at minimum at least 4-5 hours. Very few people can talk a lot, and be 100% in the game at the same time.
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
I will agree that play is way to slow. I have played about a half dozen rounds with the broomstick putter, and it does make putting easier, but the pace of play is a more important issue to address. If we play quicker we will all enjoy this game much more.
mattykgolf says:
Bubba is the man, and yea not enough people that play the belly or anchored putter have won enough for me to give a sh*t yet. I happen to be an Adam Scott fan and to be honest i don't care how he gets it done, and i destroy any and all of my friends that play a long putter vs. my 35 inch. Growing up playing Bethpage I know all too well what 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hr rounds feel like. We need to come up with better ways of suggesting that ready golf is something that will increase your chances of playing better golf(I.E. HOW ABOUT SOME FREAKING MOMENTUM). "Play it forward" and "While we're young" are two great ways right now but we need more public and private club pros getting involved and setting the example. Also i still think there are plenty of PGA pros NOT setting the example still and Steve Stricker has stated that clearly.
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