Steve Stricker's Tough Decision
By mustang6560 on 9/12/13

To bow hunt or not? That is the question -- at least for Steve Stricker.

The semi-retired professional golfer was forced to choose between competing for $10 million at East Lake next week or go on his previously scheduled hunting trip.

I'm glad to see he made the right decision.
"I had a good talk with (wife Nicki) on the way home right after Boston and thought it was pretty important for me to go and play and not go hunting instead," Stricker said. "Even though I'd rather go hunting, I think it's pretty important, being in the position I am in, top 10 going into this week. I still have the opportunity and the chance to win, which I didn't think I'd be in this position starting the year with the limited playing schedule.

" … It's our marquee event. It's the Super Bowl of our year, and for me to just kind of say, you know what, I'm in the top 10, I'm not coming, to walk away from that I think would have been foolish."
To be honest, I am surprised it was even a decision in the first place. It's borderline arrogant, in my opinion, to even consider not competing in the Tour Championship -- the FedExCup Playoffs Final. You know how many people would give their left arm to be able to play professional golf, let alone with the opportunity to win millions of dollars?

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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slimpks1850 says:
More of the same. They live different lives with different realities.
legitimatebeef says:
Stickler is one of my favorite players out there but if I hear one more story about his vacation plans I am going to plotz. Seriously keep this crap to yourself. It is bad for golf's image. It screams out "overpaid". No matter what the sport spectators want to see guts, they want to see players competing out of sheer love of the game. It's not a lot to ask-some of the highest paid people (TW, LBJ, Kobe, Jeter) in sports are also known for just that. F you Steve, quit your whining and just postpone your freakin vacation for a couple weeks.
bkuehn1952 says:
I agree with the Beef but would have said it a bit differently. That's why Beef has a blog and I just read it. ;)
mustang6560 says: It's what's for golf.
joe jones says:
Arrogant? Really!If I'm not mistaken Stricker is an independent and can do as he damn well pleases.
mmontisano says:
so Joe, you're saying you would rather now hunt than have a chance at a decent payday?
slimpks1850 says:
Lack of tact.
mustang6560 says:
I understand Steve, along with the other 1%, live a different life, with different realities (I hope I'm a one percenter one day). But, is it necessary to publicize it? Clearly Steve didn't think he'd make it to East Lake on his limited schedule so he planned a hunting trip. Then he qualified for Atlanta. Instead of telling us he had a "good talk" with his wife, which ultimately led him to decide to play next week, he could have just shown up next week. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...
Bertie_16 says:
Other players have skipped playoff events in the past including Tiger Woods. It wasn't the tour championship event, but still. We've known all year that Stricker was playing a limited schedule to be able to spend more time with his family. This isn't some 25 year old kid showing he has a lot of money and can afford to skip events. This is a guy in his mid 40's with a wife and children who has probably missed out on a lot of things due to an extensive tour schedule which he has been a part of for many years. I would have had no problem if he had skipped the event. At least he would have stuck to his guns.
jasonfish11 says:
I don't think anyone has a problem with him skipping it or not skipping it. But the issue is him publicly saying "I'm not sure a chance at $10MM is worth me missing my hunting trip." Which makes it look like he is a snob to some.

But most people forget the utility of $1 is different for everyone. I'm sure most people complaining might turn down the chance at $100, or even $1000 for something another person may consider "frivolous". In many parts of the world $100 is a ton of money and I'm sure there is someone somewhere who thinks turning down the chance at $100 for something "frivolous" is snobbish as well.
Bertie_16 says:
Maybe he looks like a snob to some and to others it may look like he isn't a slave to the all mighty dollar. Regardless, Stricker appears to me to be an honest guy who was asked a question and answered it. He didn't seek out this reporter and spill his guts and ask for the story to be printed. In the end he only has to be accountable to himself and not to me. Would I love $10 million? Of course, but money doesn't always lead to happiness. Just ask Tiger.
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