PGA Tour to Review Use of HD Replays
By mustang6560 on 9/18/13

In response to Oscillgate, Tim Finchem said it is time for the PGA Tour to review its policy on using high-def replays in post-round rules violations.
"We've been talking about it and looking at it over the years. We seem to have had three or four of these things this year. So we'll probably be taking another harder look at it after we get done with the season."

"We could just write a rule and say we're not going to accept outside information after X. What's a reasonable point to accept outside information? Is it better to have some sort of limit on it? If you don't learn about something before X time. All the other sports close their books a little quicker than we do, so to speak."
The PGA Tour needs to further evaluate its use of high-def replays, however, instituting a time limit wouldn't have prevented Tiger's two-stroke penalty as the rules official replayed the video right after his round.

The better question is, Should the PGA Tour use high-def replays in rules violations period? Let the debate commence.

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joe jones says:
I have always hated the spy in the sky attitude by the fans and viewing public. The thing that separates the Tour from other sports is the fact that players call penalties on themselves and regulate rules interpretation with the help of playing partners and very well trained rules officials. Every time a question arises where a player is called for a rule abuse it is done by someone that feels he knows more about the rules then any one else. Leave the rulings to those that being payed to do the job. I will wait to see what Finchem comes up with on this issue.
Matt McGee says:
I'm glad to hear that they're addressing the problem.
If high-def replay is going to be a viable way to enforce the rules of golf, then there should be a high-def camera on every player in the tournament.
Also, in my meaningless opinion, when all of the score cards are signed for a given round, and some period of time -an hour or so- passes to give everyone an opportunity to file any grievances, there should be no further initiation of rule disputes for that round.
birdieXris says:
He's reviewing it because Tiger had a closed-door meeting with him. when your golden boy says you change something, you change it. Especially when you're spineless. I agree that there's an inequality in the way it's used, seeing as how the big name players are the ones on TV, but know what - if you want to make the big bucks, it comes with that kind of scrutiny.
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