Jonas Blixt knows how to drop a hint
Of Cash And Coke Machines
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/23/13
Henrik Stenson won the Tour Championship on Sunday in Atlanta — and now his friends are winners, too. Winners of vintage Coca-Cola dispenser, that is.

One of the perks of winning a PGA Tour event sponsored by an iconic soft drink producer is getting your own classic Coke machine. The thing is, Stenson reportedly told some of his friends that if he won it all in Atlanta, he would reward some of them with similar hardware. Jonas Blixt sent him this picture to remind him of his pact. Stenson didn't forget, either.
"I always keep my promises. I'm going to keep the one I won here, but I think we can find some others. We can afford them."
No thanks to Stenson and Blixt — and to that picture — now I'm thirsty for some Coca-Cola myself.

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Images via Golf Channel

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slimpks1850 says:
Pepsi's better.
bducharm says:
I'm a Pepsi guy myself but kudos to Stenson! He played out of his mind the first couple of rounds! Came back from the depths - good on him!!!
mjaber says:
I prefer Polar... preferably their Ginger Ale.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
Slimpks1850 and bducharm, I too am a Pepsi guy, literally. Thanks for your Support. :-)
falcon50driver says:
I'll take Coke or Pepsi, as long as it's 50% rum.
Gromit5 says:
I'll take Coke. The 1894 version.
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