A Ryder Cup With No Captain's Picks?
By mustang6560 on 9/25/13

If Tom Watson had his way, there would be no captain's picks in the Ryder Cup.

The 1993 Ryder Cup captin said as much yesterday in his Year to Go Celebration press conference at Gleneagles.
"If you really look at it, the purist form of Ryder Cup would be no picks, no captain's picks, 12 players who qualify," Watson said. "That's the way I qualified ... you had 12 players and no picks. Maybe that's the way it should go back to."
Tom could return the Ryder Cup to its "purist" form in 2014 by selecting players 10, 11, and 12 in the standings, essentially eliminating his three captain's picks.

It's a novel idea, however, I doubt the eight-time major champion would do such a thing. Captain's picks have been a part of the Ryder Cup since 1989. And for the last few events, the U.S. captain has had four picks. Tom will only get three captain's picks as he successfully petitioned the Ryder Cup to reduce the wild cards for next year.

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Image via PGA of America

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mjaber says:
Why not go the other direction, and leave the entire team up to the captains? Continue to use the current (or some modified version of) the points system as a guide, but allow the captain to pick who he wants. Golf may not be a team sport, but if you have 1 great player who doesn't gel with anyone, and is only going to hurt you if you play him anytime but in the Sunday singles, is he really helping you? Alternately, if you have a guy who just is a middle of the road guy, but gets along real well with everyone and is able to play with anyone, doesn't he deserve some consideration, regardless of the number of points he has?
sv677 says:
Both teams should be chosen from the highest ranked players from the world rankings. Then it doesn't matter if European players play in the US or on the European tour. Or, for that matter if a US player plays in Europe.
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