95-Year-Old Shoots Age For 1,000th Time
By mustang6560 on 9/26/13

Leo Luken is not your ordinary golfer.

At 95-years-old, "Leo the Lion-Hearted" plays three times per week and he regularly shoots his age.

In fact, the near centenarian recently shot 92 at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort on Hilton Head Island, SC to shoot his age or better for the 1,000th time -- and his reaction to the accomplishment was perfect.
"I didn't like finishing as I did, but I had a lot of fun," said Luken, who began playing golf at age 45 in 1965, and first matched his age at 71. "My [playing] partners (Bill Linkner and Chuck Price of Hilton Head Island) told me I would have to swim across the lagoon on [the par-3] 17th if I hit it in the water. Last week, in my previous attempt at Jones, I hooked one out of bounds on No. 17."
There is an elderly gentlemen (I believe he's 93) who plays 9-holes a few times a week at my home course and I'm impressed every time I see him -- and he's not shooting anywhere near his age!

I hope to be as lucky as Leo to play golf into my 90s.

h/t PGA.com

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joe jones says:
1,000 times.He is my hero. What he has accomplished is beyond belief. I would love to be able to sit and talk to him about about his experiences in golf. What a story he must be able to tell.
DougE says:
I wonder at what age, shooting your age is actually realistic. At 58, I don't think it is feasible unless you are a Champions Tour quality player and get luck on your side to boot. However, an avid low-digit handicapper who is in their late-60s, does have a reasonable chance if they play enough...from the correct set of tees. Now someone who was a scratch golfer in their earlier years should certainly have a good chance as they get into their late-70s, particularly if they stay in good health and continue to play a lot. These days, late 70s is barely past middle age. (I bet Jack and Arnie have no problem shooting their age.) All that being said, I feel like the older an active golfer gets, the easier it gets to attain that goal, not that it ever actually gets easy. For Leo "the Lion-Hearted" Luken, at 95, it sounds like shooting his age is mere child's play, having done so 1000 times! I hope he matches his age and shoots 110 someday. It could happen.
falcon50driver says:
I'd say it's more prevalent for guys in their 70's. Although I know of a couple of 80 somethings who still score pretty well from the forward tees.
By the way, did the experiment with playing the forward tees result in a huge drop in scores for anybody? I found I'll average about one less stroke for each hundred yards that the course measures from one set of tees to the next. 6500yards to 6100yards saves 4 strokes as a rule of thumb.
joe jones says:
DougE. Believe me when I say it gets harder as you get older. I never shot sub par rounds when I was playing to a 5 handicap and never shot par until I was 70. I turned 80 in April and was able to shoot 79 just before my birthday and 80 in late April. The 80 was the 17th time I was able to do it but during my 77th and 78th year I was unable to do it. I have a freind named Nick who is 93 and has been trying for 20 years with no success. He was a scratch golfer in his day. Shooting his age is almost an obsession right now. Physical limitations are just a part of the problem. I find it hard to concentrate late in a round and a few bad shots here or there have stopped me several times. Leo lukenis amazing. God bless him.
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