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By mustang6560 on 10/1/13

According to an article published on MyGolfSpy, TaylorMade is set to release a line of non-conforming golf clubs.
It sounds almost inconceivable, but it seems that TaylorMade is creeping closer towards blowing the lid (and the walls) off the oppressive little 460cc box the USGA has stuffed the golf equipment companies into.

Reputable sources are telling us in no uncertain terms that TaylorMade is planning to launch a line of non-conforming golf clubs.

That's right. Non-conforming clubs from the #1 Company in Golf…or at least from one of the brands under the TaylorMade-adidas umbrella.
We first heard rumors of "Bunny Slope" golf clubs from TaylorMade back in May, so we weren't surprised to read the report on MyGolfSpy.

If there is one company that can afford to challenge the USGA -- financially and strategically -- it's TaylorMade. They are the #1 Company in Golf. They grossed virtually as much money in the first half of 2013 as the USGA will earn over its 12-year broadcast deal with FOX.

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Image via TaylorMade

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frankteo714 says:
Don't tell me they want to make drivers bigger than 460cc... Make them smaller!
mustang6560 says:
I think TaylorMade is more interested in pushing COR (Coefficient of Restitution) rather than the size. I wouldn't be surprised if the non-conforming clubs looked very similar to conforming clubs, minus in engine inside.
snuffyword says:
Didn't the 580 XD or something similar get listed as nonconforming? I had a Japanese 320 a dozen years ago and it was considered nonconforming in the US. Both because of COR. Anyway, if a player isn't playing an officially sanctioned event, does it really matter if the clubs are conforming or not? Money talks and walks.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@snuffyword: I thought it was one of Callaway's Big Bertha drivers that was deliberately non-conforming, about a decade ago. That didn't last long, if I remember correctly.
mmontisano says:
@snuffy. it depends on if i'm playing that person for money and i don't have non-conforming clubs as well. if they're taking all the skins because of that club, then that's not really fair, right?
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