"The Presidents Cup will never be the Ryder Cup, and that's a good thing"
By mustang6560 on 10/2/13
There are a few notable differences between the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup.

The biggest difference is the biennial event pits the United States against the World (excluding Europe), whereas the U.S. faces Europe in the Ryder Cup. The second noticeable difference is the scoring -- the Presidents Cup has six more doubles matches than the Ryder Cup (three foursome and three fourball), so the total points available is 34, compared to 28 in the Ryder Cup.

As we noted Monday, the U.S. has dominated the Presidents Cup with an overall record of 7-1-1. Unlike the Ryder Cup (in which Europe owns a 7-2 record in the last nine events), the Presidents Cup is on the verge of losing relevance. But before Tim Finchem and/or the PGA Tour (the event creator and organizer) make any changes to the format, Alan Shipnuck offers his perspective on the State of the Presidents Cup.
The primary complaint about the Presidents Cup is that it's not the Ryder Cup, which is to say, it lacks the win-it-all-costs edginess and upchuck-inducing pressure. No, the Presidents Cup will never be the Ryder Cup, and that's a good thing. It is exactly what the Ryder Cup was supposed to be before it was turned into the overhyped Super Bowl of Golf: a goodwill exhibition match.

The fact is, even the players don't really care who wins the Presidents Cup, so why should we get worked up about it? This mellowness is the key to the Cup's charm. We can enjoy the golf without having to endure the drunken futbol chants that are now the soundtrack to the Ryder Cup. Jingoism is kept to a minimum and, thankfully, so are the public roles of the significant others. More importantly, with a reduced sphincter factor, the players are freed up to put on a show.
I may be too young to fully appreciate his perspective, but I think the Presidents Cup needs to be more like the Ryder Cup if the event is going to sustain itself. We have plenty of events with "Hush Y'all" signs. We need more where the fans can border on boisterous.

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bducharm says:
I heard someone say the Euros should play the Rest of the World every other year. That would be interesting as well. They could call it the Prime Minister Cup!
mjaber says:
Apparently, in Shipnuck's twisted version of reality, the Ryder Cup is the Super Bowl and the President's Cup is the Pro Bowl. Since the NFL is seriously considering dumping the Pro bowl, he might want to rethink his remarks.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Having yet to see this year's event (and having not watched the Presidents Cup in years past), I think I would still be more interested in the formats used in the International Crown or the World Cup of Hockey.

Still, Shipnuck has a point: Not every week can be (or should be) Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs, or Red Sox vs. Yankees, or Carlton vs. Collingwood.
snuffyword says:
Please forgive my ignorance but what is Carlton vs. Collingwood? I like bducharm's comment and I am all for it. That way, every year, the US, the Euros, and the rest of the world can play a match play event for us all to see. Granted, there will have be some schedule changes.
Matt McGee says:
While I can appreciate the idea of a mellow exhibition, as a spectator, I'd prefer the Ryder cup atmosphere by about ten to one.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@snuffyword: One of the most fierce rivalries in the Australian Football League is Carlton FC (The Blues) versus Collingwood FC (The Magpies, the "Maggies"). The rivalry is so intense that IMHO it is deeper and harder-fought than some rivalries in American football and association football ("soccer").

If you can, picture the Colorado Avalanche versus the Detroit Red Wings from the 1990s... on steroids.
falcon50driver says:
For a true "President's Cup", the President of the united States should play against the Prime Minister. That would probably draw some TV audiences. Put the Shah of Iran in the tournament too.
jasonfish11 says:
I think Germany Poland soccer has to be the biggest rivalry ever. I mean riot police bifurcate the stadium (and parking lot many times) so that the fans can't “co-mingle.”

I've been to many UF, FSU games in the 90's which were intense but nothing like my friend from Poland describes when he talks about those soccer games.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Congrats, Jason - now you've got me interested in their next soccer match. :)
legitimatebeef says:
Shipnuck is the scumbag that tried to cash in on the Tiger Woods sex scandal by penning a fictionalized, prepubescent's imagining of what actually went on behind closed doors complete with explicit anal sex descriptions. Let us never forget this.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I imagine Poland doesn't agree to many 'friendly's with Germany.
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