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Rory Sues Horizon Management
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/2/13
Last week, we told you about Rory McIlroy terminating his management contract with Horizon Sports Management, in favor of his own, personalized firm. At that time, the Belfast Telegraph reported that details of the termination were being handled by the A&L Goodbody law firm in Dublin, Ireland.

Today, the Irish Independent reports that McIlroy and the A&L Goodbody firm have launched legal action in High Court in Dublin against Horizon. The Independent revealed that McIlroy originally paid Horizon €5 million over just 18 months — which McIlroy now believes was too much money. The newspaper notes that McIlroy did willingly sign that agreement two years ago.

A good-sized picture of McIlroy still graces the Horizon Sports Management web site. But that's about all the site does; the firm provides no general information on their services; only basic contact information.

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Image via Flickr, Tour Pro Golf Clubs

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jasonfish11 says:
Good to see that frivolous law suits aren't unique to the USA.
mustang6560 says:
He sues his old management group. He skipsG-Mac's wedding for a Nike photoshoot in England. What is wrong with my boy Rory?
legitimatebeef says:
He should start designing golf courses, open a restaurant, manage a boy band. I don't think he's distracted enough.
larrynjr says:
If they performed as per the contract, he is going to lose and be out that much more money in attorney fees. If they did not perform to contract, then yes indeed he should be getting a refund!
lea33 says:
nice one oobgolf
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