The Long And Winding Road... Back
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/10/13
Earlier this week, Nathan told you about Steve Stricker and his reduced schedule. In stark contrast, we now present the busy — dare we say, "overloaded"? — schedule of 301st-ranked golfer Sean O'Hair, father of four. He's grateful just to have his PGA Tour card back.

You may remember that O'Hair's mercurial, short-fused father Marc had his son bypass college golf and moved him to Florida to attend the David Leadbetter Academy, all the while dumping massive amounts of emotional abuse on his son in a misguided effort to prepare him toughen him up to play on tour. At one point, he made his son run one mile for each bogey he made on the course.

O'Hair the younger finally escaped from his father's "tutelage" in 2002. Since then, O'Hair won his first PGA Tour event in 2005 in the Quad Cities and last won on Tour at the 2011 Canadian Open. He even played in the Presidents Cup along the way.

But this year, O'Hair faced burnout:
"I forgot myself as a player, how I swung and how I played. And then taking that on the golf course, I almost forgot how to act and how to think. I really just got to a point where I just kind of was blank out there and lost my fight. Anything you could possibly do wrong, I did wrong this year. I just had to take a step back and had to first ask myself, 'Do I really want to do this anymore?'"
To say that his wife and his in-laws have been supportive is a massive understatement. His father-in-law, Steve Lucas, caddied for him on the Tour throughout September. Washington-based sports psychologist Julie Elion helped steer him through the stress.

2013 has not been kind to O'Hair; he made the cut in only seven of 22 Tour events this year, with his best finishes being a T-16 at Pebble Beach and a T-18 at the Honda Classic. That forced O'Hair to play four out of five consecutive weeks on the Tour, where he went T-11, cut, T-17, then a T-8 at the Tour Championship.

That was enough for him to get his tour card back.

As the proud and grateful father of a boy who has some special needs, I could write paragraph after paragraph about what disgraceful and vicious damage Marc O'Hair did to his son, and what I've done in stark contrast. But none of you will want to read all about that — the last thing I want is a TLDNR comment.

Here's hoping that during this 2013-14 PGA Tour season, we see Sean O'Hair holding a tournament trophy on tour.

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jasonfish11 says:
So if I type TLDNR you will know I read the whole thing right?
Torleif Sorenson says:
(rim shot)
falcon50driver says:
jrbizzle says:
Ever since I read about O'Hair's dad and what he did, I've pulled for him whenever I hear his name. To call the guy a "dad" doesn't even seem right.

The one story that stuck with me is Sean had won second place at some junior tournament and was carrying the trophy to the car with a big smile on his face. If my memory serves, the dad waited until they were away from others and then said "I bet you're pretty proud of that trophy, huh Sean?" Sean of course said yes. His dad then made him throw the trophy in the garbage because the only trophies he should be proud of was for winning tournaments. What an absolute jack-hole.
jasonfish11 says:
I've never heard of these stories before. Being a new father myself I can't even imagine someone doing that to their son.

Its disgusting. I have a ton more respect for Sean that I did before.
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