Announcing: The Tour Caddies Association
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/11/13
Yesterday, Nathan told you about this year's Caddie Carousel, as reported by Stephanie Wei. Well, when it rains, it pours; Golf Channel's Randall Mell has the story of Dean Herden, Gary Matthews, and Basil Van Rooyen, who have formed the Tour Caddies Association:
"It's always bothered me seeing caddies waiting in a parking lot the week of a tournament, hoping to land a job," Herden said. "I've seen a caddie who won two U.S. Opens looking for a job in a parking lot. That's not right. We would like to see the industry professionalized. That’s the idea behind this."
The three caddies have partnered with a securities and insurance specialist, an attorney, a sports marketing specialist, and a CPA to found the Tour Caddies Association. The limited liability corporation (LLC) even has logo'd clothing and hats available, a web site, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.

The TCA's director of business operations explains that they are a service organization, not a union:
"Everybody in golf is organized now except the caddies. They're the last element of the game not organized or standardized."
Except that this is not exactly true. The Florida-based Professional Tour Caddies of America (PTCA) formed over 30 years ago; prospective members must work at least 15 PGA Tour events before obtaining memberships. Another Florida-based concern, the Professional Caddies Association formed in 1997, has a Hall of Fame and even an affiliation with the PGA of America's credit union. In Europe, the European Tour Caddies Association has existed at least since 2010.

But for the price of $199, you can join the TCA, an organization that seems to have as part of its agenda the goal of becoming a tour caddie just a little bit easier. For starters, this advocacy organization has set up an online travel center with various travel agency partners and is likely to add other organized activities as time goes on.

If, as a group, the only thing they do is help tour players avoid slow play, then it will be worth it. But it is obvious that they will add organized travel, agenda items, and activities to their services. That is certainly not a bad thing.

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Image via Facebook, Tour Caddeies Association

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WorldCaddieHq-PCA1 says:
Congrats = There is room for 1000 more Caddie/caddy Associations as long as we do the right things for the right reasons & work together not like our Government. It's like Fish Camps & lakes - You can't have enough of them to teach life skills to Kids . Caddie on = Dennis Cone, Founder/CEO,World Caddie Hq-PCA,The Governing Body of Caddies; HOF Inductee #105 = Please OPEN the you-tube links, see our heartbeat & enjoy = SEE>
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