From 'No' To 'Well, Let's Just Ask...'
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/17/13

Could the annual battle for the Rodman Wanamaker Trophy be held outside the United States after all?

Last August, Nathan told you that now-former PGA of America CEO Joe Steranka said the PGA of America would absolutely not relocate the annual PGA Championship outside of American territory.

Now, current CEO Pete Bevacqua is exploring the opposite:
"This is an exercise we are going through, an analysis. It is far from a fait accompli that we are going to take the PGA Championship international," PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua said when asked to comment on information obtained by Golf World. "When we sat down to map our strategic plan to service our members and grow the game, the question arose as to what impact it would have to take the PGA Championship to an international location once or twice a decade."
Golf Digest writer Ron Sirak noted that the earliest open date and venue would be in 2020, following expiration of the PGA of America's current contracts with CBS and Turner Sports. Bevacqua told him that the contract television partner also would need to sign off on such a plan.
"It would be something we would only do if we had the cooperation of quite a few groups. It would need to work for the PGA Tour, and it would need to work for the PGA Tour players. Another would be the PGA in the particular area we would consider. We would want the international PGAs to be a part of this and share in this. Many pieces would have to fall in place."
The nation's largest organization of golf teaching professionals would also need to make travel arrangements for 20 of their PGA club professionals who are normally part of the 156-player field.

To this writer, obtaining buy-in from every internal and external stakeholder and business partner seems like a long-shot. But with some people's perception that the PGA Championship is the "weakest" of the four men's professional major championships, Bevacqua refuses to be a proverbial "stick in the mud." Like any intelligent and successful business officer / manager, Bevacqua insists on doing the due diligence:
"We need to push ourselves to think outside the box. What I have said internally is, 'Shame on us if we don't consider it and go through the exercise.'"

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Image via PGA of America

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mmontisano says:
yes yes and yes! I am all for a major going global.

if they really want to be a force that can stand up against the R&A and the USGA, have all the teaching professionals unite on a global level. by doing that, they could eventually overtake them and become THE ruling body presiding over golf.
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