Jason Dufner 'A++', Tiger Woods 'F'
By mustang6560 on 10/18/13

Brandel Chamblee, the colorful Golf Channel analyst and Golf.com contributor, recently published his grades for the top PGA Tour players. His rubric, despite its almost blatant bias, considers both on and off the course accomplishments for each player during their 2013 campaign.

The player who received the highest grade was Jason Dufner, who was awarded an A++.
Jason Dufner: Married to one hot woman, became a verb, won a major, has celebrating down "pat" -- see the hot woman.
And as expected, the biggest loser was the 2013 PGA Tour Player of the Year -- Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods: When I was in the fourth grade, I cheated on a math test and when I got the paper back it had "100" written at the top and just below the grade, was this quote, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" It was an oft-quoted line from the epic poem "Marmion" by Sir Walter Scott, and my teacher's message was clear. Written once more beneath that quote was my grade of "100", but this time with a line drawn through it and beneath that an F. I never did ask my teacher how she knew I cheated and I certainly didn't protest the grade. I knew I had done the wrong thing and my teacher the right, but I never forgot the way I felt when I read that quote.

I remember when we only talked about Tiger's golf. I miss those days. He won five times and contended in majors and won the Vardon Trophy and ... how shall we say this ... was a little cavalier with the rules.*

The only other player to "flunk" out of Brandel Chamblee's School of Golf was Vijay Singh, who is in the midst of a lawsuit with the PGA Tour.

Phil Mickelson ('13 Open champion), Jordan Spieth ('13 John Deere Classic champion), and Henrik Stenson (FedExCup winner) all got A+'s.

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Torleif Sorenson says:
Tiger won FIVE times on tour this year and got an F? Sheesh.
mjaber says:
Do we really care what Brandel Chamblee thinks?
Goodlow20 says:
I think Brandel Chamblee is only one who cares what Brandel Chamblee thinks
Wes11point5 says:
Bobby Jones would have called that penalty on himself and thought nothing of it because it was the right thing to do. Tiger tried to get over and was caught. However, Branble....Bramble.....Ramble......Brandel Chamblee is a bit of a tool.
joe jones says:
Brandel's opinions are lower than wale dung...That's the lowest thing on earth
TimmyBede says:
Haters are gonna hate. Ridiculous.
MikeyPingJ says:
BlameMe says:
West11points5 is correct Bramble is a bit of a tool. He is paid to give opinions, which could be part of it in that it starts a conversation. I'm not sure because he points out that Tiger tried to cheat means he is a hater or jealous, if that is the case then I'm a hater and jealous too I guess.

What is ridiculous and pointless is calling people jealous or haters for calling out someone who tried to bend a rule to his advantage. Stick to the facts that Chamblee is making and discuss that. As he points out Tiger had a great year and I think will have a better one next, but as with anything in the media everyone points out and sticks with the negatives, however this Tiger can do no wrong crap from commentators is wearing thin.

Thanks a jealous hater ;-)
Beekeeper45 says:
Im not a huge Tiger fan, but just wondering how it would all play out if every player had as much camera time as Tiger does....
jtrevena says:
Hey Brandelle; what is your ranking on tour?
ToddRobb says:
Brandel has a point. Some of things that Tiger did as far as the rules go were absolutely lame. It is a fact that if every player had as many cameras on him as Tiger does we would see rules infractions on a regular basis. You would think that being that Tiger knows that there are a million cameras on him every second that he is on the golf course, that he would make sure that every rule is followed to the absolute letter. Quite frankly, I thought he embarrassed himself (not the first time) by not admitting that his ball moved after seeing it on tape. Brandel gets paid to give his opinion, someone said it right, haters gonna hate, but why hate on someone who gets paid to tell us what he thinks when he doesn't think what you want him to think? All that being said, I do feel that an F is over the top.
Dusty23 says:
It seems to me that Chamblee graded Woods based on a saying I heard during my days in the service, "One oh shit wipes out a 100 Atta-boys"
Wes11point5 says:
It all started with the "loose impediment" BS in Phoenix!
Matt McGee says:
Vijay has handled himself like an arrogant overgrown adolescent tool for many successive years now. Compared to him, Tiger's a jewel.
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