Could Tiger Sue Brandel?
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/22/13

Last week, Nathan told you about Brandel Chamblee's acidic assessment of Tiger Woods' 2013 season, in which the Golf Channel commentator gave Woods a letter grade of "F" — even though Woods won five tournaments, had the lowest scoring average, and won the PGA Tour's Player of the Year award. Chamblee gave his grade based on alleging that Tiger attempted to cheat on three occasions in tournaments this year. In our comments section of that article, some of you blasted Brandel for his harsh harshing of Tiger, but you're not the only ones.

Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg of Excel Sports Management, has told that he is now considering a lawsuit over Chamblee's comments, the likes of which usually come from desperate attention-seekers like MSNBC's Chris Matthews.
"This is, 'Hey, look at me,' in its lowest form. Brandel Chamblee's comments are shameful, baseless and completely out of line. In his rulings, Tiger voiced his position, accepted his penalty and moved on. There was no intention to deceive anyone. Chamblee's uninformed and malicious opinions, passed on as facts, and his desperate attempt to garner attention is deplorable."
In their article, ESPN correctly notes that Chamblee summarized Woods' rules infractions without providing any context. In this writer's opinion, this bias by omission was the only way Chamblee could attempt to slap Woods with an "F" grade. It is the same sort of bias that legal scholar Bob Kohn explains in his 2003 book Journalistic Fraud, which focuses on the blatant distortion the New York Times often employs.

Also worth noting that while Chamblee seems perfectly happy to sling the proverbial mud, he isn't interested in hearing it: On his Twitter account, he warns that "name-callers" will be blocked from his feed.

Steinberg also said this to ESPN:
"There's nothing you can call a golfer worse than a cheater. This is the most deplorable thing I have seen. I'm not one for hyperbole, but this is absolutely disgusting. Calling him a cheater? I'll be shocked, stunned if something is not done about this. Something has to be done.

"There are certainly things that just don't go without response. It's atrocious. I'm not sure if there isn't legal action to be taken. I have to give some thought to legal action."
It is appropriate that Steinberg would at least explore the question, having earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of Illinois School of Law. Popular and well-connected as the affable Steinberg is, he surely knows plenty of other attorneys who could provide him further expertise in the areas of libel and slander.

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joe jones says:
I don't know whether Chamblee can be sued but I bet Tiger would like about 5 minutes in a closed room with him. Chamblee is a spoiled brat and someone should take him behind the woodshed and take a switch to him. .
bducharm says:
There's an old saying that goes "Those that can't do, teach" - well in Brandel's case it's "Those that can't do - announce"! He can take all the shots he wants - Tiger will get his chance! Trust me - the first presser he does, someone will ask him about it and he will let us know!
falcon50driver says:
Funny you compared him to Chris Matthews. I like what Greg Gutfeld said about Chris Matthews. "When doorknobs try to insult one another, They say "You are dumber than Chris Matthews"".
jasonfish11 says:
If the person claiming defemation is a public figure they must also prove malase (which isn't easy).

Tiger Woods would qualify as a public figure.
jasonfish11 says:
or malice (sigh).
spackler455db says:
Am I the only one who agrees? Tiger cheated at the Masters, he said he backed up about 2 yards to give him a better yardage. That doesn't sounds like "as near to the original spot as possible" to me. Also, at the BMW he flat out cheated. The ball moved,that's a penalty.
falcon50driver says:
The truth is a defense against libel.
Trip says:
He is giving his opinion about a player playing a sport. It's his opinion. This is America.
Also, as a teacher, I'd like to change that quote to, "Those who have never taught, have no idea what it is to be a teacher"
Dusty23 says:
"Popular and well-connected as the affable Steinberg is". I'm not sure there is a sports agent out there who could be catergorized as "popular or affable". From what I've seen of him on TV he strikes me as a typical rump swab, who will do whatever it takes to protect the guy who makes HIM rich.
Shallowface says:
"Those that can't do - announce"!
@bducharm, Now that's funny!
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