Golf Hero: Dennis Walters
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/25/13
Veteran golf writer Tim Rosaforte has an update on 64-year-old Dennis Walters, a paraplegic who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people with his golf skills. He lost the use of his legs in a golf cart accident in 1974, but has since given golf exhibitions from the swiveling seat of a golf cart.

Recently, Walters suffered a broken fibula and tibia in a fall while transferring from his wheelchair into his 1969 Lincoln on September 26.
"In 40 years the very most I've ever taken off is three days," Walters said. "Now I have 56 days. I'm basically in a battle with time."
Doctors have told Walters to avoid putting weight on his left leg until November 22. But as Rosaforte reports, the injury and recuperation time have made Walters think about how long he will continue his heavy road schedule of golf exhibitions and work on behalf of several charities, including the Wounded Warrior Project and The First Tee.

Nevertheless, people who have seen his golf exhibitions and expressed their appreciation for him help keep him going.
"Knowing people care is better than any medicine you can take."

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Image via Golf Digest

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joe jones says:
Dennis is one of the greatest athletes I have ever seen. He has survived over the years because of his unbelievable resolve. I hope this latest setback doesn't change that. What a shame it would be if he cannot continue to perform. I had to rethink my physical shortcomings after watching him.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Is the Lincoln for sale now?
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