TV Viewers Nail Simon Dyson On Rules Violation
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/29/13

Golf fans watching televised coverage of the European Tour's BMW Masters last week at Shanghai, China, saw Simon Dyson tap down his ball on his putting line after marking during Friday's round. And they called him on it.

In a statement, the European Tour's chief referee, John Paramor, said:
"Simon Dyson has been disqualified from the BMW Masters presented by SRE Group under the rules of golf (6-6d).

"Simon was found to have breached rule 16-1a, which states that a player must not touch his line of putt.

"Television viewers alerted the European Tour to the incident, which took place on the eighth green during the second round.

"When the footage was reviewed Simon was seen to touch the line of his second putt after marking and lifting his ball on the green. He subsequently failed to add a two-shot penalty to his score when signing his card, and as a result has now been disqualified."
Looking at Rule 16-1a, it seems pretty clear: "The line of putt must not be touched except:
(i) the player may remove loose impediments, provided he does not press anything down;

(ii) the player may place the club in front of the ball when addressing it, provided he does not press anything down."
Because Dyson did not include a two-stroke penalty, he signed an incorrect scorecard. That's a pretty expensive mistake, since he sinks to 66th in the "Race to Dubai"; only the top 60 players get in. Furthermore, Dyson is ineligible for this week's HSBC Champions, which will also be played in the Shanghai region.

The moral of the story: It pays to know the rules — literally.

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H/T Pete Madden

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Duke of Hazards says:
Pumpkin eater.
mustang6560 says:
I wonder what prompted him to tap his line? His reaction -- mark ball, tap in front of ball mark -- almost looked automatic, as if it was a habit.
mmontisano says:
it's been said that they're thinking of giving him a long suspension, maybe even banning him. seems a bit harsh.
Matt McGee says:
The important thing here is what Brandel Chamblee thinks of this.
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