Further punishment for Simon Dyson?
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/31/13
On Tuesday, we first showed you this rules violation by Simon Dyson, which was caught by a television viewer, then sent to the European Tour:

As a result, Dyson was disqualified from the BMW Masters and will likely miss out on the season-ending events on the European Tour.

Now, the European Tour's director of tour operations, David Garland, says that a three-person panel will be appointed to investigate the matter further under Section 3 of the tour's Code of Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedure:
If, at the conclusion of an investigation into an alleged breach of the Code by a Member, it is evident that a serious breach of the Code may have occurred, then a disciplinary hearing shall take place before an independent disciplinary panel.”

Under The European Tour regulations, the three person panel will comprise an independent lawyer, an ex-Member of the European Tour or current player on the European Senior Tour and an experienced sports administrator. The player in question will then be asked to appear before the Disciplinary Panel at a hearing that will be convened on at least 21 days’ notice to the player.

If, following the hearing, the panel decides that a breach of the Code has been established, it shall impose a sanction that it considers appropriate having regard to the circumstances. Such sanctions may range from a reprimand, a censure, a fine, a suspension of Membership, a suspension from participation in one or more tournaments or for a given period, or expulsion from The European Tour, or otherwise as the panel shall determine.
This could get very ugly and very expensive.

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H/T: U.K. Telegraph, Alasdair Reid

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Kurt the Knife says:
jasonfish11 says:
I heard they are thinking about more punishment due to this (breaking the rules) being a recurring issue with him.

Which is probably the reason for the investigation.
larrynjr says:
I wonder if he is OCD? If the does this all the time, there is no way it's not been brought to his attention before. While I agree it's a breach of the rules, from the what I saw on the video, he does it so quick that i can't imagine it actually gives him any advantage.
Duke of Hazards says:
They're gonna suck Dyson dry.
meatball413 says:
am I not allowed to repair ball marks on the green? when I spot my ball my rule of thumb is usually fix my ball mark and one more...
DougE says:
If he were intentionally trying to cheat by pressing down the spot of grass that seemed to be standing proud (spike mark?), you would think he wouldn't be so obvious. I am not convinced that it wasn't a subconscious reaction to seeing the inconsistency. Doesn't make what he did within the rules, but more like an absent-minded movement without intention to deceive. Still a penalty, but not punishable by the potential of expulsion from the Tour. Of course, if, as Jasonfish11 points out above, this is a recurring issue with Dyson, he deserves a stern warning and to be put on some sort of probation with the threat of fines, suspension or expulsion going forward. Right now though, I'm leaning towards mistake rather than cheating. It's my nature to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.
Dusty23 says:
From what I've heard on TV, this investigation is due to Dyson being the subject of at least two other rules infractions over the last couple of years. Interesting how the European tour handles these situations to see if it is accidental stupidity or chronic attempts to get away with something. Somehow I don't see the PGA Tour convening a board on a certain player who has had 4 rules dust-ups in the last year.
mustang6560 says:
Dusty23: LOL
DougE says:
Meatball413: Ball pitch marks, yes. Spike marks or other inconsistencies of the green, no. Looked to me like it wasn't a ball mark he patted down.
Matt McGee says:
Symon's worth to the media: $10,000 or so because of this one story.
Tiger's worth (including divorce scandal & rules issues) to the media: 10,000 times more than Symon, at the very least.
H Head says:
Very sad that we determine a human being's "worth" by money and wins.
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