Golf Hero: Kevin Corn, PGA
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/6/13
Kevin N. Corn is a PGA of America teaching professional whose "day job" is at Oak Brook Golf Club in Edwardsville, Illinois, 30 miles east of downtown Saint Louis. He has been a PGA member since 1998, the same year he graduated from Coastal Carolina University.

When he isn't teaching at Oak Brook, he spends quite a bit of time at Ranken Jordan, a children's speciality hospital 45 miles away in the Saint Louis suburb of Maryland Heights.

And when Corn is there, he's putting golf clubs in the hands of kids who probably wouldn't have thought of trying the game:

PGA Gateway Section Executive Director Joshua Riley knows that Corn isn't doing this for the publicity:
"Those kids' whole lives are built around the schedule of rehabilitation. When they get to go outside, which isn't often, they really cherish it, and then when they get to see that they can actually do a sport that they probably either in their own mind can't or someone has told them that they can't, it makes it that much better.

"But the common denominator in any successful program is always, No. 1, a really dedicated PGA professional. And that's Kevin, no doubt about it."
The PGA Gateway Section, whose president is baseball hero Ozzie Smith, donated all of the necessary equipment for the project, so that the hospital has not had to lay out a single dime. As Golf Channel's Al Tays reports, Corn still has a a couple of wish-list items, including a visit by golf trick-shot artist Dennis Walters, who himself gets around in a wheelchair.

Birdies and smiles is more than just the name of his game; it is also the title of his blog. We hope you will check it out.

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