Stenson, Poulter, and McLean Are Getting Sirius
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/21/13
Life is good for Henrik Stenson these days. First, he finished solo 2nd at the Open Championship, then solo 3rd at the PGA Championship, then won the Deutsche Bank and the Tour Championship to capture the FedEx Cup (and a trunkload of money). As if that wasn't enough, Stenson won the Race to Dubai with a victory at the DP World Championship.

And now, he's getting his own radio gig.

Satellite radio provider SiriusXM announced that the Swede will bring his dry sense of humor to their PGA Tour radio channel (channel 93 on XM, channel 208 on Sirius Premier):
"This has been an incredibly thrilling year for me, truly a dream season. I'm looking forward to being on SiriusXM and sharing my thoughts on golf and my unique experiences around the world. It will be fun to bring my listeners along for the ride and give them an unvarnished look at life on and off the course."
As if having Stenson isn't enough, SiriusXM decided to "pour gasoline on the fire" by announcing that the irrepressible Ryder Cup hero Ian Poulter will also get a chance to take on virtually any subject on Sirius XM:
"Those who know me know I've never been shy about sharing my opinions. Now to have my own national radio show on SiriusXM will be great fun."
In a Tuesday press release, SiriusXM also announced that the famous golf instructor Jim McLean will join PGA of America instructor Jeff Warne for a twice-a-week call-in program. As of now, SiriusXM have yet to indicate when these programs will air, but these announcements make for three additional reasons to consider getting satellite radio. Stenson and Poulter's respective senses of humor might prove to be worth the price of admission alone.

And just in time for the holiday shopping season, too.

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slimpks1850 says:
Nice, but still ain't paying for radio.
legitimatebeef says:
Agree slimpks, the whole satellite radio paradigm is out of step with current technology. Besides as much as they say they are going to be 'unvarnished' and 'not shy about sharing opinions' these guys are typical pro golfers with typical pro golf sponsors that they are beholden to. Earlier in the year Lee Westwood sent out a few prickly but harmless tweets, only to delete them a few hours later apologizing profusely and groveling to his sponsors.
falcon50driver says:
Never thought I'd pay for TV either. Now I've got 100 channels of shit to choose from.
Torleif Sorenson says:
I'm with Falcon (after a fashion). When I'm in the middle of a road trip and the only radio stations I can get are either talking about basketball, or Minnesota Public Radio playing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3 for the 93 millionth time, it really would be nice to have satellite radio as an option - including PGA Tour Radio.

The fact that the $15/month package includes NHL radio broadcasts would be a monumental bonus. :)
Matt F says:
Ummm, I only listen to Sirius now. I can't go back to terrestrial radio, the talk would want me to stick an ice pick in my ears!
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