Geoff Ogilvy Sounds Off on Tiger, Brandel
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/4/13
2006 U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy is not afraid to share his opinions and thoughts, even if golf fans don't necessary agree with him.

In his latest op-ed for GolfWorld, the Aussie demonstrated this by tackling the Brandel Chamblee-Tiger Woods-cheating kerfuffle:
So I can't say I agree with what Brandel Chamblee had to say about Tiger. Not completely anyway. His was a pretty strong point of view, one I would hesitate to replicate when talking about anyone, never mind the best player of this generation. I certainly don't think Tiger is "cavalier" with the rules.

But here's the thing. The resulting backlash against Brandel was also unfair. While he used language that was, in places, too hyperbolic for my taste, the principle of him being able to share with us his expert assessment is too important to be abused.

To my mind, Brandel is one of the best things on Golf Channel. And let's be clear: He isn't employed to give us facts; he is there to offer opinion. So he should be allowed to do so. That's what frustrated me most about this entire affair: the idea that someone in the media should somehow not be able to call it the way he or she sees it. That doesn't sit well with me.
Then, in a bit of balanced feedback, Ogilvy took Tiger to task for his less-than-illuminating interviews:
Much of what went on between Tiger and Brandel could have been avoided if Tiger would give open answers to questions -- "real" interviews, not just "nothing" interviews. Imagine how much clearer everything could have been if he had sat down after the Masters or the Players or the BMW Championship and run us through exactly what went on and what he was thinking. Not doing so only encouraged all kinds of rampant speculation and generally ill-informed conspiracy theories.
Indeed, Tiger has done this before; he took several weeks before publicly responding to Fuzzy Zoeller's ill-advised "collard greens" joke following the 1997 Masters Tournament. His mea culpa "press conference" following revelations of his infidelity and cheating is a different matter, understandably. But it serves as another example of how Tiger is far less forthcoming with his thoughts and information than he really could be.

Ogilvy's opinion piece

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Duke of Hazards says:
Sounds like a reasonable dude. I think he'd be cool to have a beer with. He also looks like my old college room mate.

Anyhow, Tiger's been tight-lipped with the media since his management company, IMG shut him down very early on his career after he revealed himself to be the crass, foul-mouthed son of an Army Ranger, telling some off color jokes to a GQ interviewer, among other things. That apparently didn't align with his handler's dreams of lining up a dozen mega-million dollar corporate sponsors. So they cleaned him up and shut him up. I'd personally prefer dirty-joke f-bomb Tiger over monosyllabic Tiger, but hey, money talks right?
jasonfish11 says:
I dont think he is not forthcoming with his thoughts/feelings. I just think he is a sociopath. He doesn't really have feelings or thoughts that follow what the majority of people would think is normal. Its probably also the reason he is in the running for the best golfer ever.
legitimatebeef says:
People didn't like what Chamblee said or how he said it and so he got his backlash. To me it seemed like a pretty open and shut case of someone saying something disagreeable, or at the very least saying it in a really offhanded and patronizing way, and the public and a lot of the media simply didn't like what they heard. I used to think Ogilvy was kind of smart, or smart-sounding at least but this little diatribe is pretty moronic. He is all over the place. I don't even think he really understands what he means to say here. Ogilvy can disagree with Chamblee and it's fine? But when the public does it, it's "unfair"? And "expert assessment"? Sure Chamblee is an expert but the piece he wrote about Woods's cheating wasn't expert assessment it was pure personal opinion. Besides is Chamblee locked up and muzzled in a dungeon somewhere? I don't think so. I think he is still doing his thing, his professional life largely unaffected by this latest stunt. Ogilvy is carrying on like he's Mumia Abu Jamal or something.
mjaber says:
I care about Ogilvy's opinion about as much as I care about Chamblee's opinion.
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