Batmobile Golf Cart
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/9/13

I am not a drinking man. But if I were, this story might be part of the cause.

The golf cart ("buggy," as they say in Great Britain and Ireland) pictured above used to be a run-of-the-mill EZ-Go cart until some enterprising soul had a bit too much time on his hands (we're pretty sure it wasn't a woman) and a little too much cash floating around. That guy decided to spend some $30,000 to modify it into a Batmobile-style cart, complete with Super Swamper tires, an obnoxiously loud horn, and an anti-theft kill switch. Perhaps there's some "zombie apocalypse" joke lurking in there someplace.

The cart is a creation of Marc's Creature Company, based in (where else!) southern California. Van Nuys, to be exact. Some guy named Ray Griggs, flying under the handle of "rayshollywood," evidently spent $30,000 on this thing.

The above video shows Mr. Griggs showing off his toy to the great unwashed masses.'s Josh Sens now reports that somebody bought it on E-Bay for $17,500. This writer is guessing that Ray is married and that his wife was royally angry at him for blowing $30,000 on such an embarrasing thing that she would clearly not want to have in the garage.

Sheesh. For that much money, you would think they would at least put in a tilt steering wheel and windshield wipers.

Holy pretentious ostentatiousness, Batman.

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Duke of Hazards says:
Dummy. Should've parked it in the cave.
joe jones says:
That's an off road vehicle not a golf cart. I don't know of any golf course that would allow those tires on any course. We have many modified carts in our community but the all have standard cart tires. Only exception. Slightly larger sizes.
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