David Duval: Success, Or Bust
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/11/13
Last evening, 2001 Open champion and 59-shooter David Duval took to Twitter to outline his approach to the 2014 golf season. The essential details are these:

As Golf Channel's Ryan Lavner points out, Duval has missed 22 of his last 28 cuts, including going 9-for-11 this year, and slipped in the OWGR to 1,528th. If, in fact, 2014 goes the same as 2013 for Duval, nobody can say that he didn't try.

But this writer has the feeling that if the first half of the 2014 season doesn't include any marked improvement in tournament results, then Duval may call it a career before the PGA Championship at Valhalla.

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legitimatebeef says:
Guy needs a blogger account or something like that. I know he is probably busy with golf swingin' and what not but he needs to learn that there are many modes of communication besides Twitter, which is not exactly suitable for extended discourse. As we can see.

In any case he should just keep the statements to himself. Because should he fail to earn his card, and then decide that maybe "doing something else" wasn't exactly a well thought out plan, he might regret airing out these thoughts when it comes time to beseech another tournament for an invite. Nothing to gain IMO by making this public "do or die" proclamation.
mustang6560 says:
Couldn't agree more.
bkuehn1952 says:
I agree with the beef about the "line in the sand" Duval has drawn. hard to understand why he felt the need to do that. The only answer I can come up with is that he managed to bank a lot of money from his early successes and endorsement deals. He now finds himself unable to summon up the drive to practice and put in the time to succeed. Or...

...he has an offer to be the Fox golf analyst starting in 2015.
joe jones says:
It's hard to fathom what happened to Duval. His downfall has been blamed on many things including equipment changes and injury. Both may have contributed to his problems but I have a suspicion that he has the type of personality that strives to be on top and once it is attained he feels "Is that all there is?. Being at the top of your game over a long period is very difficult to sustain . I think he just became complacent. No more, no less.I think he sincerely thinks he can come back and I hope he can but if you read his words there is a lot of doubt shown.
mmontisano says:
that bring said....

come on, man. pay attention to what you're typing. it's not that hard.
Jattruia says:
Yeah, hopefully 'doing something else' doesn't include writing.

I do, however, like the 'line in the sand' approach. I think, for some people, putting it all out there makes them focus more. You can't do anything but give all your effort once you've let everyone know your intentions. Basically, now that this is forever on the interwebs, there's no turning back. I like that. All in.
joe jones says:
mmontisano. Talk about being hyper critical. Jeez Louise.
mmontisano says:
I wouldn't mind so much if he used the phrase once. hell, maybe even twice. but he used it three time in basically one paragraph and 2 out of those three times it was misspelled.
falcon50driver says:
mmontisano, I agree, Like, it's a stupid crutch people have to say, which like serves no purpose but to waste time, that being said, It's like when people have to say Like every other word, you know, like that being said, like, you know what I'm sayin?
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