DL3 'Reluctant' To Play Champions Tour
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/20/13
More than a few middle-age guys have dreamt of improving their games enough to quit their day job and give the Senior Champions Tour a go. But for 1998 PGA champion Davis Love III, his wish is, apparently, to bypass the senior circuit — for now. In a conversation with Golf Channel's Rex Hoggard, Love gave several reasons:
  1. His own expectations: "I feel like I can still play (on the PGA Tour) and I don't feel like I am struggling to make cuts."

  2. Injuries hampered Love over the least two seasons: "It normally takes about a full year to recover and I owe myself a couple of years on Tour."

    Love underwent significant neck surgery this past February, which has curtailed his neck and arm strength. Before having to head for the sidelines in 2012, he ranked 39th in driving distance and 52nd in reaching par-5s in two.
Not only does Love feel he can still be competitive on the PGA Tour, but he will have a place to prove it; five years ago, he won his 20th Tour event, giving him a lifetime exemption.

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joe jones says:
All great championship players are reluctant to drop the regular tour for the senior circuit. Eventually reality sets in and they find playing with the flat belly's full time has it's advantages. Davis is in the enviable position of not having to beg for exemptions. He should keep on trying as long as he is competitive. The hard part is being able to recognize when that is no longer the case.
mustang6560 says:
I agree, Joe. Why not play on the PGA Tour as long as possible?
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