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Michelle Wie: No More Air Hugs
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/20/13
In a conversation with Golf Digest's Guy Yocum, LPGA and Solheim Cup star Michelle Wie has sounded off on everything from dreaming of playing in the Masters to nightmares she has after watching horror movies. But her biggest beef about life on the LPGA tour isn't the travel or prize money. Instead, she's torqued off about...

...air hugs.
"Air hugs on the LPGA Tour are getting to be a little much. You'll see the players air hug each other and each of the caddies. In a threesome, that's five hugs per player. In a weird way I kind of like them, but at the Solheim Cup it got a little nuts. When a match ended, you hugged not only your opponents and their caddies but each of your teammates. You air hugged the captains, your teammates' spouses, their parents and siblings, and assorted others. Total air-hug-fest. You sort of have to do it, because if you offer only a handshake it looks like an affront. Stacy Lewis and I are air-hug dissenters. We've agreed to at least not air hug each other. But I'm skeptical whether it will catch on."
Michelle Wie seems genuinely upset about this. It looks like someone needs a hug.

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jasonfish11 says:
I think not hugging is catching on.

When ever I go to hug some random guy I'm paired with at the end of the round I get a strange look.
legitimatebeef says:
Also from the same article: "I've always been frugal. I'm not the type who will spend $7,000 on a handbag."
windowsurfer says:
To air is human
bducharm says:
To hug divine!!!
falcon50driver says:
Not sure what an air hug is, Is it like air guitar? this looks like a regular hug to me.
windowsurfer says:
Falcon, I would - for the good of the golf community - volunteer to be a test subject for the LPGA and discern the difference, air vs regular. However (full disclosure) I am, in the physical (non-online) world, actually an 84-year-old granny who likes watching them kids play golfing on TV. At the same time, let's be cyberclear, in case anyone from any of my forums is reading this, I am -2 index and I drive it 350, with my 5* lofted experimental Japanese prototype fictionite-imbued driver with its XXX stiff 47" triple shaft. A whisper draw is my usual online shot shape.
windowsurfer says:
Sorry, needed an edit feature there...not a "triple shaft" (that makes no sense). But rather, a triple dry-hopped spine aligned shaft. A shaft so special, they wrote a song about it... and it goes, a little somthin like this, suckah:
bkuehn1952 says:
I can vouch for windowsurfer in that she claims to hit her drives 350 on every forum in which she posts. She is also one great lookin' 84-year-old.
legitimatebeef says:
I believe an air hug is one of those empty, bizarrely ritualistic post-round gestures that takes place among LPGA golfers and caddies who are unacquainted, or god forbid not particularly on good terms. In an air hug, there has to be at least 2.5' of space between the two participants' feet. Using only one arm each, the participants simulate the act of a friendly hug while also trying to achieve minimal body contact. Clearly an attempt at decorum but to me its indicative of male chauvinism and double standards--just another example of the man trying to keep the woman in her place. Don't get me wrong, I blame the women for perpetuating the nonsense. Obviously it'd be better for the sport if they just adopted handshakes as the standard sendoff. Between friends and acquaintances, hugs are great. But why should hugs be compulsory? That's stupid.
windowsurfer says:
Oh, yeh bk...I am dead solid, perfect on the internets. Plus, I bear a remarkable resemblance to Seve, so I am one popular gal here at the home.

Sidebar: Some beautiful, warm, pineapple-scented air just blew in and it looks like a GO! for some xmas golf wit me lads.

Happy Holidays.
falcon50driver says:
Wow I don't know what to say windowsurfer, And beef thank you for the explanation, I know what you're talking about now, it's the phony half hug.
Kurt the Knife says:
Why not the Harlem shake?
Everyone gets a little action and its over in a few seconds.
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