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Adams Golf Is "Easy To Love"
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/2/14
For Ernie Els, Adams Golf clubs are now "Easy to Love."

Yesterday, the four-time major champion and the club manufacturer announced their new partnership, which will involve Els "painting the wagon" with an Adams-branded bag. "The Big Easy" is still working on selecting clubs to put in his bag, however:
"Obviously, I've long been aware of the company and its products. In recent years I've noticed a lot of Adams clubs out there on Tour and not just in the bags of their ambassadors! It's no surprise then that they're the company that leads the hybrid category on the PGA Tour and now the European Tour, too. It made me curious to try them out for myself and I must say I have enjoyed testing their entire range of products and feel really comfortable putting the clubs in my bag.

"Right now, we're working hard to finalize the configuration and exact specs of my set, focusing specifically on the Tight Lies fairway metals and XTD irons and hybrids. Really can't wait now to use them in competitive play later this month at the Qatar Masters.

"In many respects, this feels like the start of an exciting new chapter for me. Adams is an ambitious, growing company that wants to expand internationally and is opening offices all over the world so we're a pretty good fit, as I still like to play a global schedule."
Indeed, with Els committed to playing worldwide, this appears to be a smart move for Adams Golf in terms of international marketing.

As stated above, Els plans to put his new Adams clubs into play at the European Tour's Commercialbank Qatar Masters, which begins on January 22.

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Image via Facebook, Ernie Els

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DougE says:
Hmmm. Not sure who this benefits more, Ernie or Adams. I feel that one of Adams' image issues is that mostly older guys and newer golfers play their clubs, which I know is not true, but is just a perception. Adams makes great hybrids and, from what little I know about their irons, they seem pretty sharp. Now that they are under the TM banner, it will be interesting to see what direction they travel.

There is one Adams club in my bag full of all Titleist clubs otherwise. I just can't give it up. It's an A12 24* hybrid, which I usually hit about 7-12 yards longer than the Titleist 910H 24* which I keep "on the bench" in my back up bag. What's interesting is, though I hit it longer, the Adams A12 24* shaft is at least a 1/2 inch shorter than the Titleist 910H, 24*. They are doing something right.

I think Ernie will like his new sponsor.
GBogey says:
My guess is that Adams' perception is a marketing decision as they are very well represented on the Senior tour with top players but little representation on the main tour by top players. This may be why they hooked onto Ernie, seeing him as a future senior player as opposed to a regular tour guy. Of course, they may have hooked onto Ernie because Adams' doesn't make putters.
jasonfish11 says:
I think they hooked Ernie because they were willing to pay him more money than any other brand. That is my guess.
mmontisano says:
when i lived in Dallas, i would ask them about once a year if they're hiring. they never were. maybe now i have a better shot if they're going global.
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