Rory McIlroy Eyes Two Majors in 2014
By mustang6560 on 1/6/14
There are only four major championships per year.

It is very difficult to win one major in any given year (just ask Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia, or any other player on the "Best Without a Major" list), let alone more than one. In fact, the last player to win multiple majors in one year was Padraig Harrington back in 2008 (Open Championship and PGA Championship), and he's the only player to do so other than Tiger Woods since Mark O'Meara won the Masters and the Open Championship in 1998.

But Rory McIlroy, who went major-less last year, has his eyes set on collecting half of the majors in 2014.
"I feel like I am very close — I'm confident with my game and confident where it's going," McIlroy told the BBC. "I won a major in 2011 and 2012 but not in 2013, so I'll try to make up for that with two this year."
I bet a friend that Tiger Woods would win two majors this season (and I'm not even a Tiger fan), so if I'm going to be right and Rory is going to be right, then 2014 looks like the year of a Tiger-Rory major split.

You heard it here first.

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GolfSmith7 says:
Slow down there Tiger, I mean Rory, try winning a tournament in the USA first then work on the majors. I am Rory fan as well but no need to put this bull eyes on your season. What happens if he win six times on tour but no majors? Would it be deemed a failure? I think not so slow down and let your game do the the talking. However, I would love for Tiger and Rory to split all four. Tiger Masters and PGA, Rory the two Opens!
falcon50driver says:
I wouldn't count Phil out of the Masters just yet. Or the PGA, some say he's due.
slimpks1850 says:
falcon50driver says:
jpjeffery says:
This is a non-story. He's clearly joking when he said "I'll try to make up for that with two this year."
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