Sergio Tweaks Shoulder, Avoids Penalty, Gets 'Fired' By Caddie
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/17/14
We want to welcome you to this "Sergio Garcia Trifecta." There's a lot to cover here, so hang on to your proverbial roller-coaster handrails.

When last we heard from The Artist Formerly Known As "El NiƱo," it was mid-December; Garcia had just won the 2013 Thailand Golf Championship with a most attractive caddie hauling the bag, German-born girlfriend Katharina Boehm, who is an accomplished amateur golfer in her own right. As Shane Bacon reports, Boehm has (for now) "fired" Garcia. As the Spanish golf star explained:
"I wanted to keep going, but she fired me. It was something she wanted to do since we started dating, and I thought that would be a good week, being the end of the year and maybe a little bit more relaxed."
This means that experienced caddie Neil Wallace is looping for Garcia this week at the HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship. Now, we're not pinning the blame for Garcia's rough outing thus far in Abu Dhabi on Wallace, but Garcia was the "beneficiary" of some two-fisted green-keeping. Garcia suffered a shoulder injury during Thursday's opening round and required medical attention several times.
"The problem is they have cut the rough from green to tee and the ball nestles down. Every single ball nestles down and you can't hit it 100 yards.

"I have tweaked a muscle and hitting from the rough is not helping. We will see how it feels later. Unfortunately, the way the course is set up it could happen to more people."
At one point, Garcia was shown on television lying in the 15th fairway being tended to by a medic and attempting to stretch his shoulder.

Garcia isn't just blowing smoke; Phil Mickelson also sustained a slight injury playing from the rough on Thursday:
"I kind of hurt myself going after one. I twinged my back on the last hole. You have to be careful and maybe just wedge it out and not risk any injury."
As if THAT isn't enough, Garcia repaired a ball mark in front of him on the 18th green on Thursday (which is legal), but some viewer thought Garcia was tamping down a spike mark instead in an attempt to cheat.

Coming on the heels of the Simon Dyson scandal, it is obviously a sore spot for most golfers, and the point was not lost on Sergio:
"It does feel quite bad to be related to the word cheating when you have no proof and I've never ever cheated in my whole life. I have given myself plenty of penalty strokes when nobody saw it and I did.

"It hurt a little bit. I think people calling
[suspected rules violations] without having any proof is wrong. If you can really tell that it's wrong that somebody's cheated, then that's fine. But when you have no proof at all it's not. Being related to that word is the most disgusting thing that can happen to someone to me that has never, ever cheated. It was disappointing but it was good to clear it up with John Paramor."

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Image via Flickr, Jim Epler

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joe jones says:
I am totally fed up with viewers blowing the whistle every time they perceive a imaginary rule violation. Call me a fool for believing that golfers are in a large part capable of calling there own fouls. I prefer to think that golf is a gentleman's game and self rule would be better than a bunch of jerks that think they know better. Ask Jack, Gary or Arnold what they think of it. Ask Byron or most importantly Bobby Jones if they like it. Viewers should sit on their arses, drink their beer and keep their mouths shut.
Wes11point5 says:
Joe, I concur!
bducharm says:
Amen Joe!!! I too am sick of what people "think" they see....
snuffyword says:
Exactly! Just be a courteous and polite spectator and not be a distraction to the game or the players. It's not like the viewers are playing in the field. And as far as keeping their mouths shut, that includes "Get in the hole" and "Mash potato" and the likes.
CeeBee says:
you're all right!
mmontisano says:
in today's news, Sergio is complaining about something....again. in other news, water is still wet!
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