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Juice Cleansing: A Cautionary Tale
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/23/14
"There's a sucker born every minute."
David Hannum, criticizing P. T. Barnum (1810–1891) and his customers. The quote is often mis-attributed to Barnum himself.

You and I have seen them — and it's not just golf clubs and balls. Gadgets, swing-aids, various teaching tools, and even entire swing-concepts packaged and slickly marketed for mass consumption by the world's golfers. The real-world results are difficult to gauge because of a lack of a controlled environment.

Likewise, nutrition and dieting are rife with all sorts of advertised plans for improving your health: Atkins, South Beach, low-carb, carb-loading, etc., etc. One of the latest crazes to emerge from California is "juice cleansing." As someone who spends too much of his life in front of his computer keyboard, with not enough time on the golf course or the practice range, I thought that the idea sounded interesting enough when I saw this excellent article by Jess Fleming for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press about Truce Juice, a new Uptown Minneapolis juice cleansing enterprise.
The cleanse consists of six juices per day, with a total calorie count of about 1,200.
[Allie] Pohlad and [Blaire] Molitor told me I'd feel great after the cleanse.

"Juicing the vegetables allows the nutrients to get in your bloodstream much more quickly," said Pohlad, who has a master's degree in holistic health. "It's just a really great boost of energy."

And, they assured me, not eating is good for my body.

"A cleanse allows your body a break from that complicated digestive process," Molitor said. "It's like a vacation for your digestive system."
What followed was several days of misadventures, coupled with nagging hunger, headaches, and general interference in Fleming's life and that of her husband. Fleming's article is charming, funny, and perhaps face-palm-inducing — and enjoyable from start to finish. In the end, Fleming and her husband called a truce with Truce Juice.

The moral of the story, as with that of The Physicist Who Wasn't, is: Forewarned is forearmed. Diet safely and carefully — the wrong decisions can interfere with your cognitive functions and daily life, not just your golf scores.

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falcon50driver says:
David Hannum was right....Hummm, somehow that doesn't ring as well as saying P.T. Barnum was right.
legitimatebeef says:
Other than the part where they charge very high prices for it, or the part where they claim it is some kind of superior path to health, I think juices are good.
windowsurfer says:
Then there's the Hemingway tropical juice diet where you add rum and smoke Cuban cigars. Totally vegan!
Virtuaframax says:
@windowsurfer: I'm definitely in for that kind of diet
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