Haney on Tiger: Too Much Muscle Gain
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/29/14
One of Tiger Woods' former instructors, Hank Haney, appeared on Sirius XM satellite radio the other day — and in response to a phone call, said that Tiger has gained too much muscle:
"My opinion is he did too much of that. He does a lot of the gym stuff. I know you need to do some for golf, no doubt about it. You need to be in shape, you need to avoid injury, but my opinion is he really overdoes that.

"I look at him now and a lot of guys mentioned on the
[San Diego] telecast, he looks bigger this year. I think Peter Kostis mentioned that. He looks like he's gained more muscle mass. When he was thinner and younger he was actually faster then. The strength maybe helps you get out of the rough, but I'd agree that he's overdone it. But he loves to work out."
Haney notes that Woods had five three-putts in 54 holes at Torrey Pines — and that you cannot fix that in the gym. "Ridiculous," is how Haney described Woods' putting woes last weekend.

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legitimatebeef says:
And then, I went to his house and he was eating popsicles, and he didn't even offer me one. And then, when I asked if I could have one he said I could but I have to go get it myself. And then I went to go get one he said I couldn't have a purple one.
GolfSmith7 says:
and then I keep talking about Tiger so I can stay relevant... I like Hank but geez give it a break.
jasonfish11 says:
I'm so glad Haney reminded me that he use to coach Tiger. I had forgoten, now he is back on my list of possible coaches I'd pay some absurd amount of money to.
mustang6560 says:
As readers, we're tired of the endless "Hank says Tiger this" and "Hank says Tiger that". We blame Hank for verbalizing the comments and we blame the writers who promote the comments. In either case, they're simply doing their jobs -- Hank is furthering his brand and the author is creating content (which in turn creates revenue for his employer).

But what about the idiots who ask Hank Tiger questions? No one is upset with them, and in my opinion, they're the real problem. There is nothing in Hank's response that is pointed or toxic. He simply said he thinks Tiger works out too much, which is probably true. Just look at him. Tiger is ripped. Muscle mass isn't as important as flexibility in golf (and everyone here knows that), and Tiger isn't getting any younger so maybe he should spend more time stretching and putting instead of pumping iron.
CeeBee says:
Let me get this straight. 38 years old. 79 PGA wins. 5 wins last year. He sucks.

Come on Hank. We know you know a little about the golf swing, mechanics and teaching. But you don't know when you are being set up by the press. Shut up man! You don't work for him no more. NO COMMENT is the proper answer.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
When the media stops focusing on just Tiger (actual ESPN.com front page headline last week: Tiger 9 back at Torrey, Spieth hot) and realizes how much great golf is being played, we might get tolerable stories again. I don't like Tiger so naturally the 20:1 ratio of Tiger vs. the rest of golf is extra annoying. How about my boy Choi getting a runner up against all the young guns? That's what I'd like to read about.
Matt F says:
@SpaceMAaNy0: Amen brother, Amen!
joe jones says:
Tiger critics like Haney and Brandle Chamblee owe a large part of their income to Tiger. If it wasn't for him they would be totally without viable topics to discuss.The only reason Chamblee is a commentator is because he doesn't have the talent to do much else.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Another example of media favoritism: espn.com headline right now: Tiger struggles with putts, 11 off lead.

Who's in the lead? No one knows. We all know Eldrick is 11 back though! Riveting!
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