Thai Protests May Bump LPGA Event
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/29/14

Since last month, anti-government protests have rocked Thailand. Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra dissolved Parliament in December and called for new elections this Sunday, February 2. Analysts say the elections could actually lead to more violence and leave Thailand without a functioning administration for as much as six months.

The problem for golf is that the Honda LPGA Thailand is scheduled to be played February 20-23 in Chonburi, at Siam Country Club. As Golf Channel's Randall Mell reports, the LPGA is keeping a close eye on events in Thailand, even though the the capital city of Bangkok is over an hour's drive northwest of Pattaya, site of the tournament. In an e-mail, Kraig Kann, the LPGA's communications chief, said:
"The LPGA fully recognizes the current unrest in Thailand and has closely followed the 'state of emergency' tied to civil protests. While this is not a new occurrence in the country, we — along with our security team — are taking the issues seriously and are monitoring the situation.

"As has been the case in recent years in Thailand, these protests are focused on citizens addressing their concerns with government actions and not focused on foreigners/visitors.

"Currently, the protests have not ventured from the city of Bangkok, nor have they been anywhere near Pattaya, where the Honda LPGA Thailand event is centered.

"Should the situation change, we feel like we have a suitable plan in place. In the meantime, we feel extremely confident that the event will go on as scheduled — safely and without incident. After a terrific start to our season at the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA last week, we look forward to our upcoming overseas swing which includes the Honda LPGA Thailand."
Unfortunately, political unrest in the Pacific Rim is nothing new; last spring, North Korea's third-generation hereditary dictator, Kim Jong-un scared golfers away from the European Tour's Ballantine's Championship in South Korea. And just two weeks ago, we told you about the rapidly-shrinking field of entrants for the 2014 North Korea Amateur Open, which is scheduled for July 27-28 outside Pyongyang. But with more political purgues of Kim's enemies, things look worse for the future, not better.

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legitimatebeef says:
I had no idea Thailand had a MILFy kind of Prime Minister. Learn something new everyday.
jasonfish11 says:
Be careful beef. In Thailand the boys are boys and the women are boys too.
jasonfish11 says:
"and leave Thailand without a functioning administration for as much as six months."

So they protest over 6 months of disfunction? Crap the US citizens haven't started bombing DC and we have years with out a functioning government. Maybe we can borrow some of the Thai protesters when they are done.
falcon50driver says:
Amen Jason.
mmontisano says:
it seems Thailand does this about every 4 years or so. it's still pretty safe to go visit. if you have a ticket to go but are worried about Bangkok, just go to Phuket and the neighboring Phi Phi islands instead.
mmontisano says:
play Red Mountain GC or Blue Canyon CC in Phuket. you won't be disappointed.
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