Cheyenne Woods Wins The Australian Ladies Masters
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/9/14
23-year-old Cheyenne Nicole Woods is a young professional golfer who has a bit more pressure on her than many of her counterparts. That's mostly because her uncle is Tiger Woods. Nevertheless, she has persevered, winning 30 amateur and collegiate tournaments, including the 2011 ACC championship while a member of the Wake Forest University women's golf team. Her first victory as a professional came in a mini-tour event at LPGA International in Florida.

On Sunday, Woods broke through in a big way, winning the Australian Ladies Masters by two shots. Because the tournament is co-sanctioned by the Australian Ladies Professional Golf and Ladies European Tours, Woods earned herself a two-year exemptioin on the LET. She shot 69-67-71-69=276, (-16). That was two shots better than up-and-coming Australian amateur Minjee Lee. And in Tiger-style fashion, she capped it off by getting her fifth birdie of the day at the final hole. Afterward, she reportedly choked back tears in her victory speech:
"This is a huge accomplishment for me. The Ladies European Tour has been great to be able to play this last year, I've been able to see all of these great players, play with Solheim Cup members, so I've learned so much from all of these girls and to be able to come out here and actually compete with them and come out on top was huge for me."
The cachet attached to Woods is so strong that Golf Channel televised the final two hours of the tournament when it became apparent that Woods had an excellent chance to win.

Woods is a Nike Golf endorsee, and they were quick to congratulate her on Twitter:

Cheyenne's uncle also wasted no time tweeting his congrats:

This young woman has steadily improved her game, playing better and better through college, and now she's winning as a professional. Chances are that this is just another stepping stone to playing her way onto the LPGA tour, but the LET is nothing to sneeze at — just ask the women of the 2013 U.S. Solheim Cup team.

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joe jones says:
Money, money, money. Watch the endorsement dollars fly her way. She has the name and obviously the game. Both good for the LPGA.
Matt F says:
She could be the next Tiger Woods!
legitimatebeef says:
I'm glad for her. She must face a lot of pressure. I mean the ESPN headline yesterday read "Par for the course: Tiger's niece collects 1st win". Kind of a back-handed compliment. The expectations are only going to steepen from here though. It's clear even at this point how bad the golf world wants to see her do well. I actually think she'd be a fan favorite even without the Tiger connection. No disrespect to the blonde bimbos and Asian wallflowers of pro golf, but it'd be nice to see something besides blonde bimbos and Asian wallflowers out there.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
At least you used her name. From most media coverage you'd think her birth certificate says "Tiger's niece" Woods.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Then again, if anyone else would have won that tournament, I doubt it would have gotten 3 paragraphs on oob, (twits and all!) and national media attention.
falcon50driver says:
I happen to like blond bimbos. Kinda funny thing, in Mexico there's a bakery that makes "BIMBO BREAD"
DougE says:
I hope, you are not including my girl Paula Creamer in the Blond Bimbo category Beef. If so, put up your dukes. ;-)
Duke of Hazards says:
She's pretty hot, but her resemblance to Tiger makes it weird for me. Anyway, good to see some additional flavors in the mix.
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