Augusta National On Ice
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/13/14
The Augusta metropolitan area has been suffering under snow and ice — for the second time this winter. We hasten to note that 124,000 homes and businesses are without electricity at the moment.

But for golf fans, these pictures are, at the same time, eye-popping and cringe-inducing. Kevin Faigle, sports director at CBS affiliate WRDW-TV in Augusta, captured some of the damage to the club, including this sign:

Meanwhile, WRDW news anchor Meredith Anderson snapped a photograph of downed tree limbs on Magnolia Lane:

The station reports that almost every flight scheduled today from Augusta Regional Airport was cancelled. Over 1,600 flights have been cancelled out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the world's busiest airport) and 800 at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Today's forecast for Augusta calls for more snow, sleet, and ice with a high temperature of only 37°F. The National Weather Service in Columbia, South Carolina is advising no travel, although temperatures are supposed to return to the low 50s for Friday and Saturday.

Still, the damage is likely to take much longer to clean up, although interestingly, the Augusta Chronicle reports that Augusta National sustained only minor damage and is expected to resume normal operations on Friday morning.  (!)

Meanwhile, check out this photo of Pinehurst Resort by John Gessner:

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legitimatebeef says:
Screw Augusta, always actin like the whole world revolves around them.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Hey Beef: If you think that way about Augusta, get a load of Bob Parsons:
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