Clifford Roberts, Version 2.0
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/13/14
Bob Parsons has been quite successful with his main business, And when some people experience success and gain power, they sometimes leverage that power in unexpected ways.

In September of 2013, Parsons lucked into buying the former Golf Club of Scottsdale for a measly $600,000. Since then, Parsons has begun taken a rather dictatorial approach to transforming what is now Scottsdale National Golf Club into "an incredibly exclusive national golf club" at a cost of some $35 million — and some previously-satisfied members who are now quite torqued off at the new owner.

Sixty-five members resigned after Parsons moved the proverbial goal-posts. Parsons is now restricting club members to 30 rounds per year, at a cost of a $100 "service fee" each time they play the course. Guests cost $200. Parsons also scolded members "who are at the club each and every day spending nothing and do not support the club at all. This will not continue."

Further in his "maybe-you-should-resign" letter, Parsons issued this threat: "I will be very selective with regard to who I invite to be members."

At least one angry member screen-captured Parsons' Clifford Roberts-esque letter and e-mailed it to blogger Geoff Shackelford to post for the rest of the astounded golf world to read:

After that letter went out, some 65 members were outraged enough that they proverbially told Parsons to pound sand. Once the deadline passed, Parsons sent the following letter, again captured for posterity by Shackelford:

The "reverse bait-and-switch" letter (especially the part about cancelling the 30-round annual limit) enraged several former members. Among them is Rob Seymour, who played an average of 70 rounds per year at the club. He vented to Peter Corbett of the Arizona Daily Republic:
"The way he came in here and did this underhandedly. He promised one thing and did something else. Shame on us for putting our faith in him. It was too good to be true."
Not surprisingly, the club's new web site is accessible to members only. Other club insiders, including Parsons' real estate portfolio manager, refuse to comment to reporters, natch.

So if you have gobs of money, power, and clout, then maybe Bob Parsons might possibly invite you to join his ultra-exclusive club in Scottsdale.

If you don't, then you can go "pound sand" at another Phoenix area course that Parsons wants you to believe isn't nearly as nice as his.

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Images via Geoff Shackelford

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joe jones says:
As long as he doesn't break local, state or federal law as sole owner he has a right to do what ever he wants too. His offer for reimbursement seems very fair. It sounds to me that a bunch of cheap ass free loaders have their noses out of joint. They have two options. Stay and play by his rules or leave and join another club.Phoenix and Scottsdale have a large number of clubs that would welcome them.
jasonfish11 says:
Lol that was an awesome move on his part. If I had the money i'd do something similar lol
legitimatebeef says:
God help the member who declines to order that burger in front of old Bob. I SAID I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY IT!!!
toothid says:
Sounds like he s trying to "out TRUMP" the Donald
Jattruia says:
This guy is AWESOME.
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