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Lee Westwood Splits With Sean Foley
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/14/14
Lee Westwood has yet to win a major championship, but it is important to remember that he has played in the last eight Ryder Cups — six of them on the winning team. However, in the last year, Westwood has slipped from No. 8 in the Official World Golf Ranking to No. 33.  (Ouch!)

As a result, Westwood has cut ties with swing coach Sean Foley. They worked together for just seven months.
"I felt like I had the game that got me to world number one. And I was working on stuff that I didn't work on back then, so it made sense to go back to what I was working on before.

"I just wanted something else, a new way of teaching," Westwood said. "I did enjoy working with [Foley]."
Westwood was once the number-one-ranked player in the world, back when he had a long working relationship with coach Pete Cowen. So, who will replace Foley as Westy's swing coach? The 40-year-old Englishman refuses to say.

But your humble correspondent still insists that Westwood will capture at least one major, in part because he was willing to make a coaching change when it became obvious that his game was not improving under Foley.

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Image via Flickr, Eugene Goh

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birdieXris says:
I think people should just make it a point to not use TW's swing coach. You move to that guy and guess who's getting the majority of his time, even when he's with YOU? My thought? you wanna get better, go with the guy that Tiger just split with. That person has nothing to lose and wants to stick it in his face.
mustang6560 says:
Interesting perspective, bX.
birdieXris says:
I do'nt know.. .maybe i just have a cynical point of view on most things but the concept of using the same swing coach as the big names on tour - whoever they are - is just a bad idea. Lee is a pretty darn big name, but a swing coach is going to naturally put more of his quality time into his bigger clients. Just the concept of it is odd..... it's like shrinks.. Why am i going to pay someone to "help me" when if he succeeds i'm going to stop paying him? Where's his loyalty really lie? Why would i want a swing coach who is, in essence, working with my direct competitor who is pulling down endorsements like mad. Does he really want me to surpass his game when my star power isn't close? I dunno.... where's the tylenol?
Torleif Sorenson says:
I'm with Mustang; I think bX has an interesting perspective here!
mmontisano says:
I have no idea why he would go to Foley to begin with. dude is an impeccable striker of the golf ball. it's his short game and putting that needs help. he needs to just do his thing for his normal swing, but go see Dave Stockton or Pelz to make his game complete. THEN he'll finally snag one.
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