Webb Wins Women's Australian Open
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/16/14
Last week, Hall-of-Famer Karrie Webb was attempting to set a new record in all of golf by winning a tournament for the 9th time at the Australian Ladies Masters, but an incorrect scorecard derailed that effort. This week? Success.

On Sunday, the Queenslander won the Women's Australian Open for the fifth time. Her victory at Victoria Golf Club (how appropriate) It is also her 40th on the LPGA tour.

Tour, windy conditions in the peak of Australia's summer only added to the drama outside Melbourne, as the top of the leaderboard was jam-packed right down to the end. In fact, four players were tied for the lead at one point. Webb herself saw the five birdies on her scorecard pockmarked with two bogeys. But at 18, she applied pressure on South Korea's Chella Choi by reaching the par-5 18th in two, then just missing a 35-foot eagle attempt that would have given her a two-shot lead. But when Choi played 18, her second landed in the rough. She chipped to seven feet, but missed the birdie attempt.

Choi remains without an LPGA victory; she lost the 2012 Manulife LPGA in a playoff. It might be especially galling to her since she shot a new course-record 62 on Saturday. "It's the first time I’ve ever had two eagles in a round. I don't know why I have 10 under today, it was just amazing," she said after the round.

After the victory speech (and signing for a correct scorecard), Webb was interviewed:
THE MODERATOR: What a difference, not a day makes; what a difference a week makes?

KARRIE WEBB: LAUG Actually, I forgot to mention on the 18th, but a couple of years ago Stacy Keating signed for a wrong score at the British Open and obviously she was devastated and then she went and won the next two weeks that she played. She text me last week and said, remember what happened to me after I got DQ'd. I actually thought about that when I was walking up 18, that that might come true for me as well. Definitely a different feeling than last week.

Q. Karrie, you've just touched on this but I'm just wondering whether what happened last week sort of had something to do with the fact that you've won today in the sense, that you were obviously annoyed with yourself and the world, did it, in a funny sort of way, help you?

KARRIE WEBB: I'm not sure. I mean, it wasn't something that was easy to shake off and still isn't because it's been very hard for me to walk out of the score tent this week until they've checked my score card about four times LAUG.
It's amazing what happens, what a difference a week makes. Obviously this time last week I wouldn't be expecting to be sitting here, so I'm glad things changed around quickly for me.
Also during the interview, Webb was asked how many total professional victories she has, and she didn't know. For the record, Wikipedia says that she now has 56.

Regardless, Australia's best-ever female professional golfer is still rolling along and going strong.

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Congratulations to Karrie!
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